I’ve been thinking a lot lately about going against the grain and what that does to boost your sense of self and get you closer to the things you want to achieve. Sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t. I’ve always struggled with desperately wanting to be different yet secretly wanting to be accepted by the people around me. I’ve had daydreams of a career on my own yet return to the corporate world again and again when the going gets tough and the money runs out. I will often take big leaps, only to find out I’m actually pretty risk averse. But in my mind, I’m a radical maverick who bucks tradition and laughs in the face of sameness. Hahaha!! Hello, mirror, can I look into you to get a dose of the truth?!


Hello Dear Readers! Since the start of 2017, I’ve been hard at work on my very own happiness project. Each month I’m working on something or a couple things that will both challenge and change me. Ideally I keep them going in the months to follow and add on something new with each month. For March, I’m challenging myself to write on this blog as much as I possibly can. Ideally that means 5 days per week, but I’m also learning to be flexible with myself as I strive to meet major goals, so we’ll aim for as close to 20 posts as I can get.


Each season, I try to find a few fabulous items that I know will have tremendous staying and wearing power – pieces that can turn heads for all the right reasons and that will work for the multitude of holiday parties and events I’ll need to attend. Owning one or two unique yet basic pieces can really simplify any style conundrums you may run into as you prepare for the social obligations that November and December bring. Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time? Attending an engagement party? What about the office holiday party? A trip to the theatre? A religious service? That’s a lot, and while you might be tempted, it’s not the time to wrap yourself in a tight red dress and unleash the cleavage. It’s the time to look covered up, respectful of the people who invited you, and classy.


This past weekend I had the privilege of attending my dear friend’s wedding in NYC. It was an extraordinary event – so beautiful and tasteful and full of love – with a formal wedding attire requirement. My most favorite part of attending any wedding is the dress code! When I saw ‘formal’ on the invite, I was so intrigued and ran straight for my sister’s Emily Post etiquette books to learn more. Would Evan need to wear a tux? Did this mean I needed a gown (yes, please I hope it meant a gown!!)? What about hair, makeup, shoes?! Oh boy – this was going to be fun.


I’ve been so diligent about posting since my blog’s relaunch in August that I’ve found myself a little burnt out and a lot uninspired. When I told Evan I didn’t know what to post today (in fact I missed my Monday morning deadline!), he told me to be honest with my readers and asked if there was a quick outfit I had that we could shoot so that I could maintain my consistent posting schedule. I went to the closet and found myself reaching for this look almost without thinking about it. Which made me realize that there are some wardrobe classics that each woman’s closet should have – the oldies but goodies that you can wear all together or wear in separate looks that are timeless and always on point.


This post may offer you the simplest suggestion you’ve ever heard in your life, but perhaps it’s one of those things that is so easy no one ever says it aloud and therefore no one understands that the girl who effortlessly takes a fabulous work dress from day to night really is doing it, well, effortlessly. Having now lived in 3 major cities where my commute to and from work is a huge portion of my day, I simply can’t (and won’t) waste my time traveling home to change for a date or an event after work. It’s not worth my time on the train or in the car just to look fabulous. Because I can look fabulous in two steps. No car, no train necessary.