Have you ever experienced this: you go to the salon so excited to get your hair colored, and you walk out liking it but not loving it because it just wasn’t quite what you wanted? You’re not alone! This happens all the time and the reason why is because YOU, the client, didn’t walk into your appointment fully prepared to ask for exactly what you want.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post focused on haircare – partly because I’ve been so uninspired by my hair products lately! Here’s why – my hair has changed dramatically over the last year. It used to be off-the-charts curly and very voluminous. In fact, I could get away with washing it once a week (no joke). Now that I’m solidly in my 30s, the natural curl has turned into an unpredictable semi-wave, it gets greasy after one day, and it is thinner. Then one day it’ll curl out of the blue after a shampoo, and then back to flat the next day. All of my expensive uber-curl products are now mostly useless to me, and I certainly can’t afford to spend tons of money on all-new expensive products. Any of you other ladies out there dealing with this weirdness?? Fortunately, I’ve found a couple solutions that you can buy at Target that I’m recommending today. 


There are a ton of different options out there these days for curling and waving your hair, and if you’re not overly-obsessed with hair and makeup like me, figuring out the right wand or iron isn’t that easy or intuitive. Tapered or straight-barelled? Clamped or wand? 1/2″ or 1″ or 1.5″? It’s so confusing! Today I’m sharing my three favorite types and breaking down what each one does so that you don’t have to spend money on a bunch of different things. 


Is this post an ode to a Fleetwood Mac song? No. But would it really be that horrible if it was? No! What this actually is, is a post dedicated to a more sophisticated and modern way to wear lace. Feminine lacy details are everywhere these days with the seemingly endless 90’s resurgence, and almost every woman has a lace dress or top in her wardrobe from some point in her life. Don’t be afraid to pull those items back out! 


I’m an equal-opportunity beauty junkie. I’ll buy products from all over – be it Sephora or Target – and while I love the personalized department store experience the most, I prefer the price tag of the drugstore, hands down. I bet you do, too! This month I’ve found four products – one makeup, one skin, one hair and one body – under $30 each  that I am loving. All were purchased from either CVS, Target or Walgreens. Read on to learn all about them!


Confession: I keep a beauty diary. Well, really it’s a combination of a set of lists,  a calendar, and a group of photos – all intended to capture my beauty activities and goals. This system keeps me on track for maintenance of all things hair, makeup, nails, products, grooming, and beauty blogging. Why on earth am I telling you this? Because if you’re a beauty nerd like me or simply a woman looking to stay a bit organized and on top of her game, then this system could help you, too.