How about we take a break from all this Mexico-mania I’ve been posting to go on a round up of all my best beauty tutorials here on Belle Meets World today?! That’s right, it’s time to step up your beauty game, so I’ve pulled together Belle’s best lessons in one place. You’ll find tutorials on dark lipstick application, mastering the smokey eye, properly-applied bronzer, perfectly-groomed eyebrows, faking a short bob, using one lipstick to makeup your whole face, and even my best skincare recommendations. Read on!


So this is an embarrassing topic, but we are going there today because it’s something we women face as we get older. If we don’t talk about it, how are we going to know how to deal with it?! A good friend recently took a few photographs of me and my fiance and because I am my own worst critic, all I could focus on in these amazing shots was a patch of thinning hair above my right temple where my part begins. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!,” I screamed when I first saw the picture. I immediately sprang into action to learn what I could and then do something about it.


Grooming in public is rarely acceptable. I have always felt this way secretly, but I was recently inspired to publicly declare it after sitting next to a woman who filed her nails and combed her hair onto me throughout our entire 2-hour flight to NYC. At first I tried to talk myself out of my anger and disgust:  “Maybe I’m too sensitive,” I thought as I stared at her nail dust and hairs on my lap. Then I  got on the subway and ran smack into this sign, part of the MTA’s Courtesy Counts campaign. And now that I’ve been 100% vindicated by a public transportation ad, let’s get into specifics…


The best part about a blogger event is the goodie bag – that’s where I find all the latest and greatest new things to try and learn about. Sometimes I even get things sent to me in the mail to try – what a treat! In one of these fun bundles of joy I opened recently, I stumbled across a new beauty product so disturbing that I had to try it and write about it  – that’s the WTF?! of this post. I’ve also tried a few new products that I absolutely loved (‘the good’) and one that was rather disappointing (the bad). Let’s talk about them today!