Happy Thursday! Anybody else feel like Friday can’t come fast enough??? Very ready for the weekend over here. Partially because I’ve found my new go-to weekend look and I can’t wait to wear it again (seriously, I look forward to days because of what I get to wear – totally normal, I swear). Here it is: A pair of white sneakers. A pair of white jeans. A striped tee with a sweet little detail. A simple tote. A pair of fabulous sunglasses. A silk scarf. A leather jacket. A pair of gold hoops. Et voila! The easiest weekend look ever. See? That really was easy!


Last week I posted about changing my life. This week I’m going to post about changing my body. Not because I’m in any way interested in becoming a fitness blogger – that’s not my intention. I have zero leg to stand on in terms of expertise in that department. But I’m writing about it because I’m really interested in this idea of change and how one does it and how it sticks or doesn’t. It’s a slow and steady race that I’ve had to break down one piece at a time. Normally I’d throw myself in head first and overdo the exercise all at once and then blow it off a couple weeks later. This time I started slow – just striving to be active at all a few days per week. Then I tested out a gym and some classes the following month. Then I started to see and feel some changes so I’ve kept up the work and have really found my groove. 


Hi everyone! Now that I’ve set a wedding date, I’m going to start some wedding posts and see how it goes. The first thing I did after letting the excitement on my engagement settle was to set up a number of Pinterest boards for each of the typical wedding planning categories. What was really cool to see was how it helped shape the vision for what we wanted – it actually changed a few times until we finally settled on something that now feels exactly US. I recommend doing something similar if you’re starting out on this crazy journey called planning a wedding. Small or large, there’s a lot to cover and think about so Pinterest is a beautiful and visual place to begin. 


I’m currently crushing on a pleated midi-skirt and think every stylish gal should get one of these into her closet, ASAP. It’s a multi-season piece that can be paired with so many different types of shoes and tops, can be dressed up or down, and is comfortable to boot. I’m in love. Jump on into this post for ideas on how to incorporate it into your own wardrobe!


T.G.I.F. Y’ALL!! Sure it’s St. Patrick’s Day and maybe you’re all wearing green but not me! It’s simply not my color. Guess you’ll have to pinch me. Know why? Because this spring season, I am going nautical and I’m doing it in style with one of my favorite brands, Old Navy. Know what that means? Easy on my budget. I’m saving for a wedding after all! Know what else that means? Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! Plus one of my favorite color-combos, navy and red. It’s easy to mix and match, looks sharp with all skin tones, and will work all the way through the summer season, too. Jump on in this post for two different looks and lots of inspiration. Let’s get nautical! 


2017 has been a major year for me so far. Sure we’re only three months in, but I have been deeply focused on changing my life. And not just in a New Years Resolutions that you never keep kind of way. I’m talking about a balls-out, admit to the dark and unhealthy paths I was very far down, and then do something about it no matter the cost, kind of way. It’s been the slowest, most painful, most spiritual, most honest, most deliberate, and most rewarding time of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. But even when you are your own worst critic, you aren’t always able to admit your worst flaws.