Hi everyone! Now that I’ve set a wedding date, I’m going to start some wedding posts and see how it goes. The first thing I did after letting the excitement on my engagement settle was to set up a number of Pinterest boards for each of the typical wedding planning categories. What was really cool to see was how it helped shape the vision for what we wanted – it actually changed a few times until we finally settled on something that now feels exactly US. I recommend doing something similar if you’re starting out on this crazy journey called planning a wedding. Small or large, there’s a lot to cover and think about so Pinterest is a beautiful and visual place to begin.

Evan and I have decided to get married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It will be a very very small affair, but I’m hoping the decor will have big personality with plenty of color and Mexican-inspired traditions. We hadn’t always planned on this. We entertained a big, elegant (way too expensive for our budget) wedding in Chicago. We considered eloping all by ourselves to somewhere far away (we got sad that our families wouldn’t be there). We discussed something low key and casual in my hometown of Athens. But none of these felt quite right until we started to consider San Miguel – then it all clicked. If you take a look at my wedding pinterest boards from the start, you might even see this progression of ideas!

Like I said, start with Pinterest to get your juices flowing. Here are the board categories I recommend below – let me know if I’ve missed any! First and foremost, start by naming them all “Weddings: Category Name”, like Weddings: Food and Drink or Weddings: Dress & Shoes, so that they all show up together in your board line up. You can always arrange the boards however you like once you get them up and running, too.

  • Weddings: Dress & Shoes Inspiration (follow my dress board here)
  • Weddings: Hair & Makeup Inspiration (follow my board here)
  • Weddings: Groom Outfit Inspiration (follow my groom board here)
  • Weddings: Invite & Website Inspiration (follow my board here)
  • Weddings: Decoration & Ambiance Inspiration (follow my board here)
  • Weddings: Flowers Inspiration (follow my board here)
  • Weddings: Food & Drink Inspiration (follow my board here)

Don’t forget to select pretty cover photos, so that you get inspired every time you log in and see them. Hit Edit on the board, then choose the Change button to the right of Cover to do this. What’s also great about setting up wedding boards in such an organized and categorized way is that you can share them with your wedding planner and any friends and family who are helping you with wedding set up, dress shopping, etc. They’ll catch on to your vision and vibe pronto. This is actually how we selected our wedding planner – once she saw my Pinterest boards, her proposal 100% captured our vision. It was meant to be!

Would you like to follow along on my boards to see what I’m pinning for the wedding? I’d love that! Find me on Pinterest HERE!