10 Things about Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blogHappy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today is a fun post day – just something simple and fun to open up a little and share some random facts about me that you wouldn’t know upon meeting me.


  1. I went to beauty school at the Aveda Institute in New York City. I did hair for a couple years – much of it housecalls to wealthy New York moms – and then went back into the corporate world. Perhaps one day I’ll tell you about the time I died a woman’s hair blue. Needless to say, I no longer do hair.
  2. I studied abroad in Ghana. In my senior year of college, I took a class that sent us overseas to study West African literature associated with The Middle Passage and the slave trade. We visited two slave forts while we were there. I will tell you about my experience if we ever meet in person.
  3. My favorite 3 songs are: Africa by Toto, Stand by R.E.M., and We Built This City by Starship. Random, I know but these have literally been my favorite three songs for the last 20 years. None have displaced them! And they are completely legit picks.
  4. When I run, I daydream about being a popstar. Truth. To make the time pass, I play terrible pop music at
    high volume and pretend I’m a better version of Britney Spears than she’ll ever be. I even star in the music video while I’m mouthing along the words. When I step on that treadmill, I’m basically the sexiest starlet that ever lived.
  5. I struggle with depression. Most people I know do in some way – some know how to recognize it and others don’t. My last bout of severe depression was last year in early 2016 but since then I have swung out of it and am very diligent about managing the symptoms. I do not take medicine for it, but I do see a therapist and exercise as part of my current treatment.
  6. My fiancé is in my favorite band. My first Jump Little Children concert was at The Georgia Theater in Athens, GA when I was 17 years old, but I didn’t actually meet Evan until 2003 at one of his concerts at Irving Plaza in New York City. We didn’t get together until 2012 when I moved to Chicago. I guess you could call me a groupie if you want but there are so many amazing things about him beyond his band, which I still love. When he tours now, I go with him!
  7. I don’t like ketchup and mayo, and I HATE eggplant. Ketchup and mayo are only interesting to my tastebuds in very, very small doses (like barely touching my french fries) or when combined on a junior Whopper, which I haven’t had in probably 17 years or more. Eggplant on the other hand, is the food of the devil and I cannot stand it. It makes my mouth tingle. Blech.
  8. I’m impartial about having kids. Evan and I have both said that if we have kids, great! But if we don’t, also great! I didn’t grow up with a desire to be a mom. Some people are born with the instinct. It’s not that I don’t have a nurturing side or a maternal drive. I do, and I’m great with kids. But I just don’t believe that my life will be better or worse one way or the other. It’ll just be different.
  9. I took Accutane twice, and I don’t recommend it. Accutane is essentially extremely high levels of Vitamin A that clear up cystic acne. It also effs with your insides big time. There are a lot of risks associated with it, and even after two separate courses of the drug, I still struggle with acne. Proceed with caution!
  10. When things are not fair, I lose my shit. What can I say? I am my father’s daughter, and I’m Italian! I do not stand for injustice or unfairness – the lack of control over such a situation makes me angry. Oh, and if a situation threatens my family, my relationship, my well-being, or my home, I will go bananas to protect them.

10 Things about Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

10 Things about Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

10 Things about Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

Other Notables:

I have few friends, but they are good ones. I’ve never been a girl with a crew who take girls weekends together. In fact, I don’t like girls weekends – too much drama and too much estrogen trying to make decisions and plans. I do have a couple very close female friends, though. They each run in separate circles, and I love each of them just the way they are.

I write a blog about clothes, but I care about so many more things than that. But I really, really LOVE clothes, and there is not a darn thing wrong with that! Sometimes I worry people will think I’m shallow and vapid and only care about shoes. But I need to a) stop worrying about what others think and b) consider writing about other things. Which I’ll be doing soon! Belle Meets World will be changing in the near future – stick around to see the evolution, if you like!

But back to clothes – I’m currently obsessed with this adorable beach cover-up that I’ve been wearing as a day-dress all summer long from Madewell. It’s on sale for $30, and the shoes are also from Madewell and make me feel so frou frou. The clutch is a J.Crew factory steal from my sis, and of course the earrings are among my go-to statement pieces from Baublebar.

10 Things about Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

Dress: Madewell Havana Cover-Up // Shoes: Madewell Laicy Ankle Wrap Sandal // Bag: J.Crew // Earrings: Baublebar Gabriella Fringe