It’s here! The second of my monthly Life Lately series where I’ll share what’s been top of mind in the realms of Style, Music, Books, Beauty, Atlanta, Travel and anything else inspiring to me this September. In my recent reader survey (Thank you to those who took it! Lip gloss winner to be announced soon!), people asked for more personal posts about what’s going on in my life. This Life Lately series is a good starting point for that, so read on for this month’s thoughts!


Dear Readers, I need your help! In my never-ending quest to make Belle Meets World better (I’ve been writing for over two years now, can you believe it?!), I am looking to you to tell me what you do and don’t want to read about, what content I already create that you do and don’t like, what you want to see more or less of, why you read this blog, etc. Please take 1 minute to complete this reader survey – either via the link provided or embedded below in the post – and I will love you forever. PLUS – when you take this survey, you’ll be entered to win a FREE YSL Vinyl Cream lipgloss in the color of your choice – options are below (even if Sephora page says your color is sold out, you’ll be able to choose the color anyway if you win).


If there is one cocktail that I will transition with the changing seasons, it’s the Moscow Mule. They are light and refreshing in warm weather but have the zingy spice of ginger for fall. I’ve been experimenting with all different kinds over the last month – some with fruit and other spices – but my favorite version is the simplest of them all. It’s just vodka, ginger beer and lime. In fact, I’m drinking one right now as I write this to get in the zone…


You made it!! All the way, dear Reader, to the fourth of this Rebranding My Blog series – and this is the best post of all (well, the second best – introducing the new look was the best, and if you haven’t read those posts – STOP and go back to Part 1, then Part 2 and Part 3). Today I share with you all my most favorite bloggers who inspire me every day with their content, their photos, their style, their advice, their blogs, their writing and their photography. I aspire to be like all of these ladies in one way or another – and at the very least, I just like looking at them! They are beautiful and stylish – who wouldn’t want to visit their websites every day just to get a little glimpse into their lives, am I right?! But in all seriousness, to reach the level of success they have reached, one has to work SO hard. I respect each of their visions, their dedication and their brands. And maybe one day I’ll make it onto someone else’s blogging role models list myself!


In order to step up my blogging game even further, I’m also learning that I need to turn A LOT of my focus to my various social media platforms – and I need to make sure that everything I’m putting out there into the world looks and feels like my brand. It needs to say Belle Meets World, carry my fonts and colors, be the right shapes and sizes, and go out at the right times on the right days. I am in awe of the bloggers who figured all of this out and now have it running like a well-oiled machine with all content and posts mechanized. I’ve basically had my head in the sand for the last year, not realizing that in this saturated market of bloggers, a beautiful website and regular posts simply isn’t going to drive new traffic. BUT, strategically placing your blog’s content on other platforms IS going to bring people to you, and then hopefully you’ve written something snappy enough with pretty enough pictures to get them to stay awhile and then return for more on another day. 


How about this blast from the past?! This is my original logo!! The blonde in the red dress is the first version, which we had to change up when I died my hair brown that same year. I love where we started (she is the cutest thing ever). And while it doesn’t make sense for my brand now, it made all the sense in the world then given I started out playful and not really knowing where I wanted to end up. With my new brand she’s evolved into a more sophisticated version of herself. But rebranding my blog doesn’t just stop at a new look and logo. There are specific elements of the site itself that require my attention, new blogging behaviors I need to implement and even an update to my email marketing to attend to. Read on for Part 2 of this ‘Rebranding My Blog’ series.