Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

Packing for travel isn’t necessarily a new topic here on Belle Meets World. In fact, one of my most popular posts on the blog is the one that recommends you only travel with clothes in the same color palette so everything mixes and matches. And that’s a really great travel style tip – I still use it all the time! The reason why I like posting about this topic is because travel – especially international travel – can leave you feeling discombobulated, so any little thing you can do to make yourself feel good and comfortable is key. For me, that’s dressing well while I’m on the road.

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

On my recent trip to Mexico, I wanted a lot more color and variety in my looks than just one simple color palette, though. So this time I tried a different trick – only pack items you can wear with two other items in your suitcase. You can pack whatever color and pattern you like, but make sure the top to that coord set will go with the shorts and the jeans you pack. Or make sure each skirt can be rocked with two or three other tops that you’re packing. If you pack a couple dresses, pair them with different belts, shoes and/or earrings throughout your trip to get a couple wears out of the same item.

All of the pics in this post are from the trip – pardon my exhausted look in many of them! Wedding planning + margaritas makes a gal puffy in the face. You can see that each outfit looks very distinct from the other but if you look at each item, you’ll see they can pair easily with the other items in the other pics.

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

To get the most out of the looks, I also packed 3 pair of comfortable, feminine shoes and 3 belts – all in neutral colors that would match my wardrobe. I’m a HUGE fan of belts because they pull every look together. I chose one simple cross-body bag that would go with all the shoes, one pair of sunnies, and I was done with it. That’s it!

Some examples of other combos:

  • I also wore the blue polka dot ruffle top with the bow shorts and the white eyelet skirt.
  • The pink gingham skirt went with both the white crop top and the pink gingham top.
  • I paired the red floral skirt with the white crop top, and the red floral top went with the bow shorts and the white jeans.
  • With both blue dresses, I changed over to the tan belt and tan shoes.

Kind of fun, actually! Like a puzzle!

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog

The pink look was my favorite – I wore it for my hair and makeup trial, which is why I look way less sleepy than the other pics! Confession – I was supposed to wear a flower with my wedding dress but it lost all its petals after 10 mins so we ditched it and I went without. Anyhoo, got any other travel style tips? Let me know in the comments!

Travel Style Tips on Belle Meets World Blog


  • Kim S

    Your outfits Are Adorable!! Great tip on packing the same color palette!

  • These are great tips! I love to travel but always take forever to pack because I never know what to pack. I love these printed pieces, my favorite is that pink gingham top with the ruffled sleeves!

    Emma n.

    • Thanks girl!! I take a long time to pack, too – but it comes from the best place, ever…my love of ALL the outfits!!!

  • Chanel van Reenen

    The all white ensemble and off the shoulder blue dress are my favorite looks! I love seeing your Mexico photos! When I travel to a fabulous destination, I always overpack clothes for the photos, lol!

  • Nicole Banuelos

    Your dresses are absolutely beautiful, love them all!

  • Joleen Pete

    You have some great tips and super cute outfits! Thanks for sharing.

  • ok my friend yo uare seriously the best at styling these outfits! ill take them all!