Sometimes a look is all about the accessories. It’s the extras you put together that make a simple piece of fashion into your own style. And the best part is that you can turn an outfit into killer-fashionista status with items that don’t cost that much at all. Case in point? This adorable Forever 21 watermelon bag and fruity sequin hat! I scored them here in Charleston this weekend for just about $40 and had to have them. So playful and fun for summer trips and adventures. 


Rompers. Love ’em or hate ’em – they are here to stay. As far as I can see it we can deal with this travesty in one of two ways: 1) avoid them all together (totally valid) or 2) find a style that flatters our bodies and doesn’t make us look like 12 year olds with no waists and butt cheeks hanging out (totally doable, I swear). The key to a successful romper situation is coverage. Let me explain…


Ah the patterned pant. I’ve had such mixed feelings about it’s comeback because they don’t do a whole lot to flatter the figure, especially when you’re curvier on the bottom like I am. Instead they can make you look wider. The eyes of onlookers are swimming in a sea of prints and colors searching for the outline of your body and just can’t find it. Blech. But I started to buy into this trend when I found a cut and type of pattern that I think can work.


Happy Thursday from Charleston! We are visiting town this week and enjoying some pretty amazing weather – as in no humidity so my hair is staying a normal size. I love shooting here because the scenery is so charming with so many cute alleyways and winding streets. It’s the perfect place to test out all of my new spring and summer looks! I’m crushing pretty hard on gingham right now, so prepare to see it in a lot of upcoming posts. 


This past weekend I was stuck in NYC after three flight cancellations and feeling really homesick. It got me thinking about the places that are starting to feel more like home now that I’ve moved away from New York – it’s just not here in the Big Apple anymore. I loved having the chance to see a few friends on the longest layover ever, but I had a hard time appreciating the survival of the fittest mentality that is required to keep up. I guess I’ve become a softy! And my style has softened up too. When I lived in NYC, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in sneakers and denim shorts. But things change, and so do people! 


One of the most important things to me style-wise as the seasons change each year is having my spring wardrobe essentials purchased and planned. The weather can change to warm quickly here in the south, so I like to be ready. Who am I kidding? I also like to shop so any excuse will do. The good news is that most things you buy for spring, will last you through summer and into early fall here. If you drop a little cash up front on the right must-haves, you can look great for a good five months! That’s pretty economical if I do say so myself.