Oh why the heck not?! We’re all girls here, aren’t we? So let’s talk about menstruation and the latest and greatest way to handle your monthly visitor. Like any bleeding lady would be, I was extremely skeptical about THINX. No pads? No tampons? No cups? Just panties? This can’t be real. But it’s real! In short, I am a convert to THINX. In long, there are things you should know about these before you buy. Read on for my full review – the good, the bad and the bloody – of these revolutionary period panties.


Happiest of Fridays, Dear Readers. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Life Lately post so I think it’s about time to sum up my recent days in a series of fun pictures and stories! This’ll be a short and sweet one. I’m starting it out with a picture of a genuine smile because sometimes I think it’s important just to look in the mirror (or the camera) and just give yourself some positive reinforcement. Wherever you are today, friend, you’re doing a-okay in my book. 


This past weekend, Evan and I went on an impromptu picnic to the cemetery across the street. Yep, that’s right, a picnic in a cemetery. We live near the Oakland Cemetery here in Atlanta where many famous southerners are buried, like Margaret Mitchell. It’s not a sterile, sad place though. It’s beautiful and manicured and has benches and flowers and meadows – like a park where you want to spend time. It’s peaceful and lovely, and we can even let Bernie the dog off the leash. I love going here because it’s such a unique Atlanta experience – they host events and concerts here, too!


I like to call this my ZERO F@#*S GIVEN outfit. I started wearing it a lot this winter after Evan challenged me to try caring less (a lot less) about what people think about me in 2017. To which I responded, uh, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I am a neurotic freak who gives ALL the F@#*S about ALL the things. To which he responded, uh, EXACTLY!!!! 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope that you are all having some downtime with friends and family. I’m spending this week with my fiance’s family in Virginia and North Carolina (no, it’s not snowing here, but this pic is so very Winter Wonderland) and it’s been really relaxing and low-key. With this side of my family, we decided to do something different this year – a giftless Christmas. And while I’ve missed the excitement of wrapping gifts for people I love and anticipating them opening something special I’ve picked out for them, it’s been SO nice to skip the shopping crowds and holiday sale frenzy. Instead we’ve focused on hanging out, playing games, reading, exercising, walking the dogs, seeing plays, cooking. It’s been awesome! 


Oh, Hi! Readers, Friends and my beloved Community – it’s been over three weeks since my last post. I just didn’t know what to write. All the recent and tragic news we’ve been reading everyday has made it so hard for me to face my blog and talk about things that seemingly don’t matter anymore – to me or the world at large. I mean WHO CARES about the latest mascara I’m loving these days or what I think you should wear to a job interview?!