In order to step up my blogging game even further, I’m also learning that I need to turn A LOT of my focus to my various social media platforms – and I need to make sure that everything I’m putting out there into the world looks and feels like my brand. It needs to say Belle Meets World, carry my fonts and colors, be the right shapes and sizes, and go out at the right times on the right days. I am in awe of the bloggers who figured all of this out and now have it running like a well-oiled machine with all content and posts mechanized. I’ve basically had my head in the sand for the last year, not realizing that in this saturated market of bloggers, a beautiful website and regular posts simply isn’t going to drive new traffic. BUT, strategically placing your blog’s content on other platforms IS going to bring people to you, and then hopefully you’ve written something snappy enough with pretty enough pictures to get them to stay awhile and then return for more on another day. 


How about this blast from the past?! This is my original logo!! The blonde in the red dress is the first version, which we had to change up when I died my hair brown that same year. I love where we started (she is the cutest thing ever). And while it doesn’t make sense for my brand now, it made all the sense in the world then given I started out playful and not really knowing where I wanted to end up. With my new brand she’s evolved into a more sophisticated version of herself. But rebranding my blog doesn’t just stop at a new look and logo. There are specific elements of the site itself that require my attention, new blogging behaviors I need to implement and even an update to my email marketing to attend to. Read on for Part 2 of this ‘Rebranding My Blog’ series.


I couldn’t be more excited to re-launch my Belle Meets World brand today. It’s a huge step for me in taking my blog, my social media platforms, my content, and my entire business to the next level. This week I will walk you all through the entire process of rebranding my blog, in three parts. The first – today – will focus on the new elements you’ll find right here on the blog itself. The second will focus on my social media accounts and the relevant templates needed to keep consistent branding across all of those platforms. And the third will focus on my blogging icons who I look up to and whose blogs inspired some of the changes.  Read on to get real nerdy about rebranding.


Oh hi, friends! I’m starting a monthly series where I share all of the latest discoveries going on at the house of Belle Meets World related to style, beauty, music, food and drink, social media, blogging, and many other life events happening behind the scenes. It’ll be fun (I think)!


Chances are you have vegan and vegetarian friends. Chances are you also like brunch and cocktails. So what happens when the two intersect and you have your vegan and vegetarian friends over for brunch and cocktails? MAGIC. I’ve discovered three amazing recipes from Chef ChloeVegan Gretchen, and Real Simple that will ensure you’re a brunch pro, no matter the audience or dietary restriction! The first is a vegan version of Matzo Brei made with silken tofu and almond milk, rather than eggs – it is so good that we cook it at least twice a month. The second is a vegan coffee cake my sister brought to our brunch that was perfectly sweet and moist with a crumbly cinnamon topping, and the third is a Frosé (Frozen Rosé) – that just might make the rest of your summer delightful. You freeze the rosé and mix it with a few more goodies to make a grown-up slushie! Read on for the recipes and for some highlights from our brunch!


I’m trying something new on Belle Meets World. I’m going to write more often on a broader set of topics. Some of these posts will likely be shorter and take less time for me to write – which is a good thing since I pour a little too much into every post and therefore don’t get to write as often as I’d like. The idea is to exercise my writing muscle and most importantly, to learn more about what my readers want to read about. I just don’t feel like I’m hitting the mark with a broader audience. That said, I truly appreciate each and every one of my current readers and if all else fails, you’ll get to know even more about me than before. Some of this will be surface-level fun stuff, and some will be deeper personal stuff. I’ll start with a topic that’s been top of mind since arriving in Atlanta – how it feels to move ‘back home.’