Casual Friday with Navy and Brown (Again!)

My fall color obsession with navy and brown continues with this cute little 60’s style dress that I paired with knee-high boots, a trench, my new monogrammed clutch and a new lipstick!

This dress is a gem I found deep in the sales racks of Top Shop for only $30! It’s all one piece – the sleeves and collar are part of the dress!

I love the little details of this dress – the ruffles on the sheer sleeves and the three delicate buttons, as well as the structured but ruffled collar. The A-line cut of the dress is also flirtatious and playful. Even though it’s full coverage, there’s something about it that is a little bit sexy (I think). 

I am all about made-up lips these days, especially with these two colors from the (PLA) Beauty Opulent Collection for fall. This creamy lipstick in Damsel looks killer with Eye Candy gloss on top.

I’m starting to discover that lipstick is essential when being photographed to make sure your face sticks out. If you look at my last post, you’ll see my face looks a little tired and bland – I think it’s because I hadn’t dressed up my lips before my photo opp – not to mention I’d had a (very) long day at work!

To me, lipstick is one of those feminine signifiers that lets the world know you took an extra second to showcase one of your greatest assets – your mouth – where all those intelligent thoughts find words!

Flats! That’s right, I’m wearing flats boots. I just purchased these at DSW (Michael Kors) for running around on weekends – my feet have been hurting quite a bit lately, so I’m turning over a new leaf and giving these puppies a go!

This clutch is a complete splurge for the new season. Only once in a while do I buy things full price, and the Gigi New York All in One Bag with my initials monogrammed is definitely an exception to my rules. At the same time, I choose my splurges wisely – this was $120!

I chose Navy to indulge my current color obsession for all things deep, dark blue. Though I like to be different and try not to follow the crowd, all the style bloggers have one, so I wanted one too. Because sometimes, you gotta fake it ’till you make it.


  • Navy tights were a given to match the bag and the dress, and to give my legs a slimmer appearance – especially since the hem is a little short.
  • I actually chose the flat boots because of the shorter length of the dress. Had I chosen boots with a high heel, I think it would’ve made this dress inappropriately short for work.
  • The knee-length of the boots added to the 60’s mod vibe, and the gold circle studs matched the hardware on the bag, as well as the circular buttons on the dress sleeves. 
  • I chose gold jewelry to match the hardware, as well. 
  • The trench wasn’t necessary, since it wasn’t cold, but I felt like I needed something in the brown/tan color palette to ensure that the brown boots had a matching bookend to top off the look.

Et, Voila! Happy Friday!