Gray and Black from Head to Toe

This wool wrap sweater is one of my favorite fall/winter pieces. It’s as warm as a blanket, and kind of makes me look like I’m wearing a Luke Skywalker costume when I belt it up. If only light sabers were an acceptable accessory. Instead, I settled for a floppy hat!

This might be the most inexpensive outfit I’ve ever worn. I found this sweater on the sale rack for $20 at Urban Outfitters. I snagged these jeans (Levi’s) from my boyfriend’s giveaway pile, and these booties are from DSW (Franco Sarto) for under $60. If they made a female version of Beatle boots, these would be it – an unexpected surprise from a brand I don’t usually love.

From the front, I like how the folds create a diamond pattern that fall at tunic length. It means I can also wear this with leggings without risk of showing too much of my world to the world. I also think that the black sleeves help keep the line looking slim since there is so much extra gray fabric in the front. 

Without a belt, I feel like this sweater adds too much bulk right around my middle and hips, two places where I don’t want width, so I always reach for a belt when I wear it. (Bonus: Bernie makes a cameo and matches my sweater!)

I got this belt on St. Mark’s Place at a goth skater shop. I love to have unexpected punky touches in my looks, especially when pairing with something so preppy as a wrap sweater and so boho as a floppy hat.

Since the hat is such a statement  (Giovannio, purchased on MyHabit), I went for a lighter fall makeup look with a gray liner, bronzer and a nude lip gloss – all by (PLA) Beauty. A big hat like this screams FASHIONISTA, and while I don’t think that’s a terrible thing all the time, I think the world can only handle so much style on a Sunday morning at brunch.


  • I chose the black booties and hat as bookends to match the black sleeves of the sweater, and the black belt to match those elements, as well as to bring your eye to my slimmest parts and to add a punk factor, as I mentioned above.
  • The gray jeans matched the gray of the sweater. They are slim cut for men, so they looked a little funky on my curvy frame unless I rolled them up. Plus, since my man wore the hell out of them, they had a big hole in the pocket – which totally plays into the distressed jeans trend without me having to spend any extra $$.
  • And if you want to get real nitty gritty about it, well the elastic panel on the booties has the same texture as the grossgrain ribbon on the hat – but that’s only for those who care to know how truly detail-oriented (read: obsessed) I can be.