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This weekend I went to a frock swap with several girlfriends, and it was such a blast! I have to admit I was a little skeptical since I love every single item hanging in my closet – I have a hard time parting with anything. Plus I was worried I wouldn’t find items that would fit my style in return. At the same time, there were definitely a few things that I needed to say farewell to that no longer fit my body or my style anymore. At the end of the day, we and our wallets all went home happy! Read on for ideas on hosting and attending your own frock swap!


The items I chose to give away included skirts, dresses, tops, belts, shoes, sunglasses and makeup. Some didn’t fit my body anymore like the sparkly tiered skirt, or the short blue mod dress the black/white top, the blue/black dress and the bird top. And some didn’t fit my style anymore like the light blue chiffon skirt, the light pink polka-dot top and the silver-studded belt.

And many of them went to happy homes with these beautiful girls! 


I’ve been to a few frock swaps where we went about swapping in different ways, but the way to run an event like this that I like best is:

  • Lay everything out by item on a large table – smaller sizes on one side, larger sizes on the other – by pants, skirts, dresses, longsleeves, etc.
  • Have a separate area for handbags, accessories and shoes – like the coffee table; and for makeup and cosmetics – in the bathroom by a mirror for people to try on.
  • Peruse all the items at your leisure and pick out a few that you like at a time.
  • Try each one on and get suggestions for how to wear the items from the people who brought them.
  • If something doesn’t fit that you love – it’s okay! I was super sad about this cute pink dress that wouldn’t zip around my torso. But I let it go and passed it on to someone who was a touch skinnier in that part. You gotta move on!
  • Pile all the leftovers, put them in bags, and get them ready to take to the Goodwill! You did good!


So what did I come home with, you ask? Some great things that are super on-trend! Among them were these amazing uber-flared sailor pants to wear in Paris with this cute little polka-dot tee, a window-pane print trench, two toiletry bags for my trip, and some Estee Lauder makeup that will be perfect for wedding season wear. SCORE!


So you want to host your own frock swap? Great! You won’t be sorry. Here are some more ideas for how to do it right:

  • Serve drinks and snacks – we had light bites and sangria – which, ahem, fostered fantastic conversation, formed friendships and made us way more creative when trying on outfits!
  • Be open-minded! And give each other ideas for how to wear the pieces you brought that look great on other people.
  • Don’t be offended if people don’t pick your stuff – it’s NOT a reflection on your style or personal choices. It simply means people were drawn to other items more – I mean, there were hundreds of things there! 
  • And don’t be upset if something you like doesn’t fit – this is also NOT a reflection on you and your body, but it will give you ideas for items you want to look for when you do have a little money to shop! ( perfect example – the pink floral size 2 sundress that just wasn’t going to fit me … but I’m on the look out for something like it!)
  • Send your significant other out for the day – it’s not that he/she can’t hang, but y’all gotta get naked to try stuff on and feel okay about it. Brit’s man was gracious enough to take their dog and go hang at the office. Very sweet.
  • Bring things that aren’t clothes – like makeup and accessories! I was SO psyched to see to of the women who came to the swap loved the sunnies I brought, and they look great on them.

And when you’re done – enjoy the sunset and RELAX while you daydream about all the new outfits you’re going wear and new friends you’ve made.


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