One year ago I started this journey, and today I’m celebrating! Belle Meets World started as a style blog for real women with real bodies and real budgets. Since then it has evolved to include beauty tips and tricks, fitness adventures and lifestyle stories. Along the way I have learned a lot, made mistakes and achieved some goals. It’s been a wild ride that’s worth reflecting upon in order to keep growing as a blogger and a person. 


Comparison to other women and other bloggers is a shame-spiral-inducing trap. I struggle with it everyday and am constantly reminding myself that I am me. And she is she. We are different people with different goals and paths – each one valid and running its own course, in its own time.

When in doubt, recommit to my original vision. I’ve veered off course several times throughout the year, distracted by free and shiny things. Each time it felt wrong and out of character, and that’s not what I committed to my readers. What I committed to was encouraging great style at reasonable price points, as well as to creating a forum through which I could express my own unique point of view.

Keep smiling. It’s not easy to put myself out there in such a saturated market and expect that success will come to me over all the others. My growth has been slow and small, but the opportunities have been many and amazing. I’ll keep putting the positive energy out there with the hope of receiving much more back at me!

Buy yourself a cupcake, a balloon and flowers to celebrate your own achievements. Today the woman at the grocery store asked me whose birthday it was as I picked out the perfect pink cupcake. Ummmm….Mine! I said. Hunh – you have to buy your own flowers? I faltered a bit when she asked me that, feeling a little sad. But then I picked my frown back up, said YEP! heartily, and walked away with my head high – looking forward to the photo all these goodies would produce and the fun I’d have putting together this post.


I want to thank those closest to me who have supported and advised me along the way. Without cheerleaders like my boyfriend (also my very patient photographer), my sister, my parents and my friends, this would certainly be a lonely adventure.

And finally, thank you so much to YOU, my dear readers! I look forward to another year of life, style and beauty together!