Friends! I took a hiatus from posting for just over a week, and it felt great! I needed a little time to myself but I’m back and ready for all the style and beauty adventures fall has to offer us. Let’s start with my new favorite outfit that I can’t stop wearing. I put this together for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner, when I wanted to look casual and cute with a touch of the fall trends that I’m loving – like denim on denim + a 70s flair to everything. 

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired and nervous over the last few weeks as I figure out where I want to take my blog and my life in the coming months and year. That kind of thinking will leave you feeling anything but grounded. To bring myself back down to earth, I’ve had to revisit what it is about style that makes me so excited to share it with the world. I remembered that my favorite thing to do everyday – before I ever started this blog – was to ask myself, What character do I want to be today? Who can I channel? Or, what theme do I want to portray in my look? The answer would always drive my choices for what I put on, and It wasn’t about looking trendy. It was about becoming someone else while letting my personality shine through. 

On this day, it was Farrah Fawcett and 70s glamour – with a touch of cowgirl to break it up a bit and add a little ‘Belle’, if you will.

I didn’t come to this idea on my own, by the way. I’ve been seeing a 70s vibe in all my style magazines for fall, and the denim on denim trend is, well, no longer a trend. It’s a classic look that every gal should try for instant chic-appeal. 

Unfortunately these pics are a touch blurry, but the light was so perfectly 70s – warm and ethereal. I channeled my best Farrah with a middle part, wind-blown curls, gold hoops and big sunglasses. Flared jeans and platform sandals made it pretty disco but the leopard-printed pony hair, the tan clutch and the cream panels on the shirt were intended to bring it up a modern notch.  

As for the jeans – you might remember that I scored them from a frock swap not too long ago (click here for the full post). They were never worn with this awesome sailor vibe coming from the buttoned front panel. I was so psyched when I found them because flared jeans were just starting to come back on the trend scene, and they are still showing up for fall – yes!

This top is from Levi’s, and I scored it on the sale rack when I first moved to Chicago for under $40. My friend Dina kept encouraging me to buy a chambray button shirt because it would go with everything. I was so skeptical – WHY?!  I was wrong. BUY ONE. I wear it all the time, and you will too.

Well friends, this isn’t a post of true substance but at the very least, I hope you’ll be inspired to try denim on denim for a no-frills, all-chic look. And at the very most, it did help to revitalize my inspiration and love for becoming a character when I get dressed everyday. I hope you’ll try it, too!