How does one follow up the two most real and passionate posts she’s ever written? By writing about more topics she’s passionate about. Like sweat. That’s right, today I’m addressing the fact that women sweat, especially Italian women like me. For years it impacted what I wore. Collared button-down shirts? Forget it. Satin and silk tops of any kind? Nope. I’d sweat right through them in two seconds with giant stains that were impossible to hide. It was one of the most embarrassing and least feminine things ever, and the world around me could see it.

This problem ran a little deeper than being embarrassed in public, though. I came to learn that a faux pas like this could actually hurt me and my success at work, especially in a business that is dominated by men. Not because men are more offended by pit-stains but because very rarely will they tell you when your image is getting in the way of your success. They are afraid to come across as prejudiced, discriminating, sexist or harassers. If you don’t have a female mentor who can guide you, who else will tell you then?! Me – your trusty HR-professional-meets-style-blogger friend.  

Please hear my expert opinion that your appearance matters – it’s the filter through which everything else is judged and if you are disheveled, your audience will be distracted from what actually matters – your brain, your ideas, and your hard work. You can never let them see you sweat – literally.  

So why am I even talking about this? Because not even the strongest anti-perspirant can protect some of us, and I found a solution. GARMENT SHIELDS. These are a thing. They exist!! They are compact, portable and changed my life. They adhere to the inside of your shirt, capture the sweat and are disposable. I carry a set in my handbag at all times.

Discovering these has opened the doors to many pieces that were off-limits to me in the past – not just the collared button-down shirts that are suitable for work, but also satin tops, dresses with sleeves and any color other than black. I will also put them in my blazers so that I can wear them multiple times before cleaning. They preserve the lining in the long-term and keep the jacket from smelling in the near-term.

Here are a bunch of outfits you might’ve seen before – for both work and play – where I’m wearing them, and you had no idea!

I’ve tried several different brands, and these are the ones I like the most:

  • Dritz Stain Blockers – Pick them up here or at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s in the sewing notions section
  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets Garment Shields – Purveyors of other great lady-issue products like deodorant stain removers, emergency hem fixing tape and pasties for when you need to go braless. 
  • Avadri – An entire website dedicated to stain-blocking undergarments! You can order dress shields in a few different colors. I recommend ordering in advance as shipping takes a while.

If you are so moved to buy these now, click through below!

There you have it, ladies. Sweat is real. It’s okay to talk about it, but thank goodness there’s a product out there that helps keep it under wraps when it counts.