On my recent business trip to New York, I conducted a style experiment by wearing a jumpsuit to work. I wanted to see if I could pull off this uber-trend in my uber-corporate environment. Plus, I had a drinks date with another blogger that night, so I needed a stylish look that would translate quickly and easily from office to bar. I think it worked in this case, but ultimately my advice to you if you want to go trendy at work is – know your audience, use your judgment and adapt the trend to mimic your work-appropriate wardrobe.

For work, I wore a structured blazer over the jumpsuit with a structured handbag and simple black pumps. Aside from the drawstring in the front – which I would cover with a belt if I ever tried this again – it appeared as if I was wearing a button-down shirt and tapered trousers in the same color. It didn’t scream “I’M WEARING A ONESIE!” because it was a conservative version of the trend and mimicked two items I would normally wear to the office. I also kept the blazer on all day to mask that it was a jumpsuit (and because I think a blazer adds instant polish in the workplace – I never leave home without one Monday – Friday).

For play, I rolled the pants, switched to a clutch and draped the blazer over my shoulders, editor style (above). We were heading to a fashion preview plus drinks, so I felt absolutely free to ditch the jacket when we were schmoozing and relaxing. 

When I say you should know your audience, I mean that you should choose your version of the trend based on the type of work that you do. My gorgeous friend and fellow blogger, Liz Teich, is a fashion stylist. Her jumpsuit paired with a loose oxford and sparkly sneakers is absolutely PERFECT for what she does. She’s expected to be on trend and on set each day, setting a style example for her clients while maintaining comfort. Her look would be too casual in my workplace, and my look would be too buttoned-up for hers.

Liz blogs at The Brooklyn Stylist – we met through a mutual friend on a photo shoot a couple years back and have cheered each other on in our respective blogging journeys ever since. Check out for outfit inspiration and the best insider-pro-tips you can find in the blogosphere. 

Finally, I encourage you to use your judgment. Not every trend can be adapted to the workplace. Take the denim dress trend, for example. I LOVE the way it looks on pretty much everyone I’ve ever seen wear it – it’s a flattering color and they are on the racks in all different shapes, cuts and sizes. While I chose a loose-fitting, boho-style, there is literally something for everyone when it comes to the LDD (Little Denim Dress). BUT –  it simply won’t cut it at my office – even on casual jeans Friday. I save this look for the weekend.

If there are any trends you think could pass at work, send them my way in the comments or to [email protected] I’d love to push the limits and keep this experiment alive, friends!

A special thanks to Liz for snapping my jumpsuit photos and for all the advice she shared about making a career for yourself in fashion. This is a gal who loves what she does and it shows in her spirit, her style and her work. Do yourself a favor and head to The Brooklyn Stylist – now!!