I wrote a very thorough post last year on my thoughts around travel style – both what to pack and how to wear it. My advice was complicated, exhausting and over-thought for anyone other than those who obsess over every single outfit, every single day. In truth, my uber-involved clothing choices were taking up too much of my precious vacation time. Since then I’ve learned a lot more about my ‘traveling self’ and how to dress efficiently and stylishly while away from home. It all boils down to one, simple travel style pro-tip…

I only travel with black and white clothing. This way, every single thing I wear is interchangeable, coordinated, layerable, AND chic. Each day is very easy to style with very little worry about matching or looking put together. Instead, I’m focused on speed, comfort and getting on with my experiences. And black and white is the ultimate classic pairing. You simply can’t go wrong. 

Here’s what I recently packed for our travels to Mexico (with some additional recommendations):

  • Bottoms: black shorts, black dress, black skirt, black pants or black jeans.
  • Tops: black tees, white tees, black/white patterned tops, white oxford shirt.
  • Feet: assorted black flats and sandals.
  • Accessories: black and white patterned scarf for neck or hair, black leather handbag, black and white hat.
  • Outerwear: black leather jacket, black lightweight coat.
  • Optional: blue jeans – they’ll still work with your black and white tops and a pair of black shoes to tie it together

If you take a look at each of these outfits, you’ll see that every bottom could be paired with every top. The tops could also be layered over the dress to turn it into more of a skirt if I wanted. The different shoes can go with any of the looks while the scarf, bag and hat tie it all together. 

Packing like this really has been a game changer and has allowed me to experience the places I visit in a whole new way. I’m no longer worried about what I’m wearing and whether it’s appropriate for my new surroundings.  Instead, I’m confidently enjoying these adventures in style.

And if black and white isn’t your thing – no worries. What about a different color combo like navy and white or brown and green or red and tan? Whatever it may be, keep it simple and coordinated at all times. You won’t be sorry, and you certainly won’t be preoccupied by your clothes. 

Bon voyage and buen viaje!