For the first time I was recently interviewed by the press as a Chicago style expert – what an exciting moment! The article – a blog post on the CBS Chicago website – shared my spring style predictions. You can read it here if you missed me plastering it all over my social media last month. OR, we can talk about it today on Belle Meets World! I’m sharing my spring style recommendations and some examples of what I’ll be shopping for myself, so read on for ideas and inspiration!

Trend to Keep: Coord sets and jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere – hooray! Throwing on one of these outfits is so easy and instantly chic. It can also be quite slimming to dress monochromatically from head to toe, so I recommend choosing a jumpsuit in a solid color. Soft blues or buttery yellows are what I’ll be looking for myself – like this Madewell denim jumpsuit from Nordstrom. I could never, ever afford this Dolce & Gabbana lemon print, but if I had all the money in the world this is the coord set I’d buy! If you don’t want to buy a new jumpsuit or coord set, take yours from last season into spring by adding a pair of breezy wedges and a flowy scarf.

Trend to Buy: Flared pants. I’m really excited about the return of the flare because it helps to balance out the proportions of your lower body. If you’re a gal with hips like me, skinny jeans can draw attention to your widest parts – I love them but they are tricky to master. A nicely cut pair of flared jeans or trousers on the other hand adds length by drawing the eye towards your feet. When shopping for flares, look for a pair that fits snuggly at the hips and allows you to tuck in a top. Avoid billowy tops and opt for a lightweight tee to keep the lines slim on the rest of your body. Let the flares be the star of the show! Add a pair of killer platform sandals, and you’re golden! I recently scored these Derek Lam plaid trousers and a matching vest at my favorite designer discount shop, UAL in Nashville, and I can’t wait to wear them all season. Looks like they are sold out everywhere but here on MyHabit where there are a few pair left.

Derek Lam Indigo Plaid Flared Leg Trousers

Colors to Try: It drives me nuts when the color of the moment is a wacky pastel shade that flatters no one and can only be worn for a few months. Not so this spring! This season, I recommend experimenting with a fresh take on all your neutrals. Instead of navy, use powder blue as a go-to shade. Try enhancing your tans and whites with metallics like rose gold and silver. And finally, ditch the black for a muted gray. Though neutrals can be boring, you’ll feel light and airy in these alternative styles. AND, you’ll be able to wear them season upon season – excellent! I’m currently obsessed with metallic footwear – like these Steve Madden rose gold sneakers and these Eileen Fisher silver flatforms.

Beauty: Blush! Blush! Blush! I saw it all over the runways for spring and was psyched because blush is my favorite makeup item. Many women avoid blush because it often looks unnatural, but I think it adds a youthful glow and playfulness to any face. The key is to blend, blend, blend – and then blend again. This spring, instead of playing with different shades of lipstick or eyeshadow, I recommend trying different shades of blush to go with your outfits. If you wear a pale yellow, orange or gold look, opt for a bronze or peachy shade of blush. Match your pink and purple tops and dresses to a soft rosy or lavender blush. Blue clothing looks good with most blush colors, so you can get a little adventurous! The easiest way to experiment is to buy a blush palette with several shades like these Bobbi Brown palettes you can buy at any Bloomingdale’s department store.

Accessories: This season, I predict a focus on hair embellishments – particularly bows and colorful jewels to accentuate your tresses. What I love about hair accessories is that they can be worn on all lengths of hair – from short pixie cuts to super long locks – so no one will be left out from this trend this season! On shorter hair, try wearing a metal barrette in the shape of bow to hold a few pieces of hair off to the side. On longer hair, tie a ribbon around a ponytail. And for dressy occasions, a vintage jeweled brooch can be tucked into an updo. For a more casual look, I am obsessed with these sweet little flowers from Asos (link to black one here, and link two pink one above here).

Whatever we do, let’s have fun this season. My plan is to be playful above all else – join me, dear reader!