Let’s face it, I can spend hours telling you about my 10-step South Korean skincare routine that takes me a total of 20 minutes per day plus all the other 30 cleansers and creams I slather all over my face, neck, décolletage, hands, body, and feet on any other given day to keep it youthful, clear-pored and (somewhat) acne-free. Some of the lengths I’ll go to and money I’ll spend is silly. But I love it, so it’s okay! But what most of you may really want to know is how to keep your skin clean with minimal effort and time spent. I don’t blame you! So let’s discuss because I’ve got several recommendations for you today.  And confession – I’ve been really lazy with face cleansing myself lately, so I am using these options at least twice per week. Which means I know they work!


Thanks to my sister for telling me all about this latest revolution in makeup removal. It’s a cloth that you use – NO SOAP NECESSARY – to remove your makeup each night by simply wetting it, rubbing it on your face to loosen the gunk, then wet and rub again to complete the process. You wash it in the laundry and reuse it. That’s it. Did I mention no cleanser necessary?? It seems too good to be true but they are getting great reviews. So far, I’ve found two options. The first is the original The Makeup Eraser, which costs $20 for one large cloth. The second is the Sephora reproduction that costs $12 for two. I’ve tried the eraser a few times and LOVE it – I’m shocked! I’ve even packed them for my trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon this week for ease!


I am a huge fan of makeup removing wipes, but I tend to keep quiet about it because everyone says they are the worst thing known to man for your skin. But let’s get real – they are the EASIEST THING EVER to use! I keep a set on hand at all times, and I often use them in the morning when I don’t need a full-on cleansing. The Body Wipe Company recently sent me these Face Print makeup removing wipes, and I really love them because they are unscented and easy to travel with. They make a travel size pack that I’ve also packed on my current trip to Vegas, and a larger canister that’s better for those of you who need these in your life on a daily basis. I also like these Neutrogena wipes, too. These are the ones I buy on repeat.


I’ve tried and written about two of these already – Micellar Water by Simple (here) and One-Step Orange Cleanser by Clarins (here) – because I love both of them so much. I will often travel with one or the other to cut down on the amount of products I bring in my suitcase. For these, you simply squirt a healthy dose on a little cleansing pad and wipe or press into your face, neck and décolletage. Then you’re done. That’s it. The cool thing about these products is that they leave nutrients behind to help the quality of your skin so even though it feels weird not to wash off the product, you can rest assured that you’ll reap some benefits by using these.

Do you have any face cleansing hacks we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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While the Face Print makeup removing wipes, the Simple Micellar Water and the Clairns One-Step cleanser were given to me, all opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Belle Meets World!