Is this post an ode to a Fleetwood Mac song? No. But would it really be that horrible if it was? No! What this actually is, is a post dedicated to a more sophisticated and modern way to wear lace. Feminine lacy details are everywhere these days with the seemingly endless 90’s resurgence, and almost every woman has a lace dress or top in her wardrobe from some point in her life. Don’t be afraid to pull those items back out! 

Lace can be tough to pull off because the heavy pattern adds width. When you’ve got curves like me, you can tweak the lace to make it work a little better for flattering your frame. I chose a lace dress with a dark vertical stripe down the front. Anything vertical tends to make you look a touch slimmer, so when given the option, choose this!`Otherwise, opt for an overall darker color. I also recommend you add a slimming leather jacket to make the lace more edgy and grown-up. I like to think of it as channelling your inner Gwen Stefani to create a punky, yet feminine look. Mixing leather and lace is also a great way to transition a summery dress into fall. Do it! 

As for shoes, I say go for leather booties – I already owned these laser-cut booties, so it was an obvious choice for adventurous me. But for the less bold, go with a simple black boot or chunky sandal, depending on the climate where you live. Grab a black leather clutch and go easy on the accessories – you’ve already got a lot going on in this look!

Also, did you notice I got bangs? I’m loving them, and my sister says they make me look younger (yes!). Every woman fears getting bangs as if the world is going to end, but I just don’t find it that scary. They will grow quickly. Hair LOVES it when you ditch the dead ends that weigh it down and keep it from growing. And in the meantime, if you TRULY hate them, you can pin them to the side with a lovely barrette. There is simply nothing to lose – and bangs give you a badass vibe; a vibe that says you aren’t afraid to commit and to take a stand for your own personal style. Just like leather and lace.

Dress: Nanette Lepore via Rent the Runway // Shoes: Badly Mischka via Nordstrom Rack (similar here) // Leather Jacket: my own purchased in Mexico (similar here) // Clutch: Jack Germain Handbags (similar here) / Lipstick: NARS Afghan Red

P.S. Have you read my pattern mixing and matching post? It’s a great follow up to this one!

Keep it beautiful my dear friends!