Atlanta keeps threatening to turn to fall but as soon as we get one lovely autumnal day, it’s back to the mid-80s on the next. I’ve had to start playing a game with my outfits where I get to wear some fabulous fall pieces but I have to balance it out by showing a little skin. Now I’m not one to bare it all – I’m simply too old for that and it’s never really been my style – but at the same time, one needs ventilation in the south. So to have my fall-style-cake and eat it too, I’m going for it. If you live in a warmer climate, read on for thoughts on rocking cold-weather trends. 

A fabulous hat, something camo and plenty of shoulder-exposure are all on-trend right now. To make them all feel warm-weather-appropriate, I recommend pairing these trends with a short skirt, or pushing up your sleeves so that you can wear a sweater, or go bare underneath and show a little bra strap, or choose an open-toed bootie. Or do all of those things like I did here!

My favorite fall pieces this year are this gray ball-cap-meets-fez-meets-fedora. I snagged it at the men’s department at Zara for Evan, but he didn’t love it (darn) so I got to keep it! These camo pony-hair booties are also top of my list (Nine West of all places!), as is this one-shoulder sweater by my new fave boutique, TOBI. Check out my recent post about TOBI sweaters here. 50% off your first order and tons of on-trend items await you!

By the way, this little cellphone purse is a gem I snagged at a blogger event last year that has come in handy when I don’t want to carry a purse. It holds all the essentials (lipstick, money, phone) and doesn’t weigh me down. Check out Mia Bossi to snag one – they also make diaper bags that look like trendy handbags for all you mamas out there!

Happy weekend and Happy Halloween! May you get all the candy!!

P.S. How about some more off-the-shoulder action?