I have really come to love the bell sleeve look, but it is so trendy that it’s a little tricky to nail for a more traditional work place. If you work for a fashion-forward office, I say go for it all the way! For the rest of you who work in business casual or non-creative offices asking, ‘Can I wear bell sleeves at work?’, I’d say the answer is YES, but make it as professional as you can.

What do I mean by that? Well, for starters, choose a dark color so that the shirt is toned down. The sleeves are already going to draw some attention so I wouldn’t recommend that the rest of the top do so, too. I’d also keep the rest of the outfit dark (pants or skirt and shoes) to minimize flashiness. Make sure to also choose more traditional, slim silhouettes for the look. Here, I chose a top that is cut like a typical collarless button-down and a pencil skirt – two office attire staples. I’d avoid a flared skirt with this trend – it’s too much of a good thing to have that many narrow-to-wide angles going on.

That’s all for today, folks – a short and sweet outfit post. Yes, I know there is a tremendous amount of political turmoil going on just now and who cares about outfits, but for those of you who need a break from the news (I do), I hope you enjoyed this little sartorial respite.

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