Happy day, Dear Readers! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Mine was chilly, which just might mean that winter is finally coming. And boy can a season change and different weather take a toll on your skin! That’s why I’m writing today with some recommendations for what to put on your lovely face, as well as in your beautiful body to ensure you are nourished from both outside and within. 

Dropping temperatures can dry us out, and all the travel and stress from the holidays can deplete our energy and hinder our immune systems. Our skin is the first to show the signs of being stretched too thin – in the form of break outs, redness and a dull complexion. NO THANK YOU. So what can you do? Prioritize self-care, of course! Here are a few ideas to guard your skin against winter and holiday hazards:

Multivitamins: Start with a multivitamin that targets your nails, hair and skin by adding luster, giving strength and encouraging growth. This Nail, Hair & Skin Collection multivitamin by Rainbow Light is great because it detoxifies the liver – a necessary starting point for healthy skin. It also has B vitamins which are critical for good health and is vegan (easy on the stomach).  

Hydrating sprays: You can also deliver vitamins and minerals directly to your skin in the form of a hydrating spray, which is especially important if you are dried out. I love this EASE magnesium spray because it has a number of benefits like bolstering your immune system, aiding digestion, de-stressing and mood-boosting – all things that can harm your skin if they are out of whack. Plus, magnesium is an essential mineral for good health!

Nutrient-rich masks: It’s hard to make time for yourself this time of year, but face masks are an amazing way to feel pampered without spending hours at the spa. If you have normal-to-oily skin, try one made of white clay to suck impurities out of your pores and brighten the complexion. I like this GM Collin PurActiv+ Oxygen mask to get the job done. If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating mask with a lot of skin-strengthening peptides.

Superfoods: Back to what you can put in your body for nourishment – how about nature’s superfoods!? One of the best for getting a high dose of immune-boosting, body-strengthening vitamins and minerals is phytoplankton. This stuff is the building block of the food chain – most marine life snacks on it, so think about what it can do for you! Put a dropper of this in your morning juice or smoothie to build healthy skin from within. I like the Ocean’s Alive Pure Phytoplankton. It’s made by the same company who make the magnesium spray above!

P.s. I’ll be talking about all of these ideas on TV soon, as well! Stay tuned for my CW Atlanta debut to support Healthy Happy Skin Month!