Ladies, ever had a day where you feel bloated and completely disgusting? Or a day where you can’t for the LIFE of you find anything at all to wear because nothing, I mean nothing, looks good on you?! Yep. Me too. Wanna know how I deal with it and how you should deal with it, too?! Okay great. Here goes (in case the title of this post didn’t give it away): WEAR ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. You will feel confident. You will look slimmer. You will feel put together. You will look fabulous. You will feel powerful. 

Confession – I’ve been wearing all black everything A LOT lately, my friends. Why? Well because frankly I’ve put on some weight in the last few months, and I’m really feeling it in my clothes these days. Nothing fits the way I like it to right now. And yes, I plan to work that shit out through my New Year’s resolution to eat well, to love myself, and to get my ass to the gym. But in the meantime, I still want to look my best – no matter what. And wearing all black does that for me. You can layer pieces, textures, and fabrics and look like a million bucks, no matter what. Throw in a hat, a scarf, some tights, boots, bracelets, vests, sweaters – WHATEVER YOU LIKE!

This week alone, I’ve done it twice. Once casually on a road trip wearing black jeans, booties, hat and sweater, and another day when I needed to be dressed up by wearing a skirt, turtleneck, furry vest and OTK boots. It’s so chic – which I needed to feel at a time when I’m insecure and not loving my body. 

My point?! No matter my size or time of the month or feelings, I always want to look my best – and dressing in all black everything does this for me. If you’re feeling a little yuck after all the holiday eating, I swear this will do it for you too. New Yorkers are onto something here, folks. It’s an instant way to look chic without any pressure to keep up with labels or trends. Try it!

By the way, this furry vest is from the Goodwill for $7!! And the off-the-shoulder sweater is c/o Tobi, who carries amazingly designed sweaters at very good prices (50% off your first purchase, in fact!). The sunglasses are c/o Silvano Apparel, too! Thank you to the brands who make Belle Meets World possible. 

Outfit 1: Skirt: H&M // Boots: Marc Fisher // Turtleneck: GAP // Faux Fur Vest: Goodwill (!!) // Hat: Giovannio // Belt: LOFT // Sunglasses: c/o Silvano Apparel // Jewelry: Swarovski, Alexis Bittar

Outfit 2: Jeans: Lucky Brand // Sweater: c/o TOBI // Boots: Steve Madden //  Glasses: Karoo // Lipstick: BITE in Jam // Hat: Giovannio // Jewelry: Swarovski, Alexis Bittar

P.s. Check out the post here from last year singing the praises of a monochromatic look, as well as the post from earlier this season where I first wore this off-the-shoulder sweater c/o TOBI! Also, what about that time I interviewed Alexis Bittar?!?!