Yes, this is a joke question. But it’s also an actual question I posed to Evan the other day when we were strolling around the neighborhood wearing our workout clothes like a bunch of yuppies. Poor guy, the things he has to live through getting married to a gal like me! But seriously, I’ve been contemplating and experimenting with athleisure lately because I realized it’s simply not going anywhere – if anything it’s just getting bigger in the stores. There was a while where I absolutely could not support making a publicly-acceptable outfit out of my workout wear. In fact, I’d convinced myself that when I put on my workout clothes, I was invisible – camel toe and all.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry jumped on the opportunity to make an entire genre of it and we all better get on board. Which I’m kind of getting into now – because outfits! Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable, look cute and make the world think she slaved away at the gym for hours?! Okay, probably most of you don’t want that, but roll with me here because…well, just do please.

Here are my thoughts: If you want to feel good, you’ve gotta look good, so I’m all about wearing adorable workout clothes if that’s what gets you to the gym. In fact, I’ve been working so hard to make exercising a big part of my life in 2017 so I’ve actually invested in a few coordinating tops and bras and tights for all my barre classes (more on how barre has changed my body in another post!). But if you are going to wear workout tights out in public beyond just the walk from your car to the studio, then cover up your vag and your butt. Yep, I said it. Turns out the camel toe is not invisible, ladies! I recommend you wear a tunic, an anorak or a vest over your gear. I’ve also experiemented with a  ball cap to cover up my sweaty hair (turns out it looks pretty decent hanging out from under the hat), and then I go for dark sneakers – they blend in a bit more than some of the uber-bright running shoes I’ve gone for in the past. And for fun, choose some items with a few stylish little touches, like faux leather patches, bright patterns, or a mesh fabric.

So what do you think? Am I nailing athleisure, or what?! Haha – probably not quite yet, but let’s keep this topic alive – I’ll try a few more looks in the coming weeks to see if we can get anymore comfortable with this concept. And in the meantime, have you seen this hilarious ACTIVEWEAR video? Do yourself a favor and click through this to YouTube. Because let’s laugh at ourselves people – we’re wearing spandex in public and calling it okay.