Hey girls! As a quick little follow up to last week’s THINX period panties post (which did really well, by the way, I guess everyone has been curious), I wanted to share an app that I’ve been using lately to get to know my body and its cycle better. I never used to pay attention to this or care much but something in me clicked this year (perhaps it was my bio-clock kicking in, or perhaps it’s the political threats to my right to choose what the hell I do with it, ahem) that made me want to take ownership of my body’s functions.

I first learned about CLUE in this really great article by Fast Company about the Top 10 Innovations That Made Women’s Lives Better in 2016. THINX panties are in the article, too. In this app, you can track your sleep, sex, hair, skin, digestion, period, PMS symptoms, mood, exercise, meditation, and a number of other categories to help you stay on top of your feminine life. The app will even shed some light into your fertility window based on when your period occurs. For those of you out there considering getting pregnant this year or in the next few years, I think it’s great to start getting some insight into how this works!

The best part about the app is that I know exactly when my period is coming and when to get my THINX out and ready for action. It even shows three months out so you could potentially plan important events around your period. The app also offers helpful analysis like: How many days was I energized? or How many days did I feel stress? It helps to say, yeah that makes sense I was stressed in January since I had to travel for 10 work meetings or whatever.

So in the continued spirit of opening up about girly topics that are normally taboo, I encourage you to give CLUE a try. It’s rated #1 by OB/GYNs, and all of the tips and information provided in the app are cited and sourced by legit scientific information. You can even share your cycle with other friends (kinda weird – I’m not quite there yet, but hey whatever floats your boat!).