Summer outfit ideas with Old Navy on Belle Meets World blog

This past weekend I was stuck in NYC after three flight cancellations and feeling really homesick. It got me thinking about the places that are starting to feel more like home now that I’ve moved away from New York – it’s just not here in the Big Apple anymore. I loved having the chance to see a few friends on the longest layover ever, but I had a hard time appreciating the survival of the fittest mentality that is required to keep up. I guess I’ve become a softy! And my style has softened up too. When I lived in NYC, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in sneakers and denim shorts. But things change, and so do people!

Curly hair

To be honest, it’s taken a while for me to warm up to Atlanta, but I’m getting there and slowly loosening up and settling into a more relaxed lifestyle. I’ve noticed I’m friendlier, smile more, engage with strangers. You know, things a human should do. My clothes are starting to reflect that too – in a good way I think. I’m dressing more realistically for my days, and while I’m still OBSESSED with style and clothes, I’m not working too hard for it. Instead, I’m focused on attainable and easy looks each day, and it’s definitely more ‘southern’. More color, less black. More mainstream, less out there. I think I’m reaching a style happy place, and it feels great.

Find your happy place on Belle Meets World blog

Speaking of happy places, one of the best places I’ve found I love to spend time in is the botanical garden in Atlanta. That’s no surprise since my dad is a botanist and I grew up around plants my whole life. Definitely a happy place, especially around this amazing mossy lady fountain – I’ve never seen anything like her!

Pink floral tank and jeans shorts by Old Navy

If you’re looking for casual weekend style ideas, I think a pair of crisp denim shorts with a utility jacket is a great go-to look – perfect for movie, a meal outside or a walk through the park. Add a fluttery floral top, some girly sneakers and easy jewelry to femme it up a bit, and you’re golden. To tie the whole look together, I matched my belt, bag and sunglasses together.

Pink sneakers by Old Navy

Old Navy accessories on Belle Meets World blog

Summer outfit ideas with Old Navy on Belle Meets World blog

Old Navy brown saddle bag on Belle Meets World blog

Summer outfit ideas on Belle Meets World blog

Old Navy brown saddle bag on Belle Meets World blog

Jean shorts and floraFind your happy place Belle Meets World blogl tank by Old Navy on Belle Meets World blog

P.S. Shorts, Top, Jacket, Bag, Sneakers, Belt, Accessories all c/o Old Navy. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Belle Meets World up and running!