Gingham pants and peplum top on Belle Meets World blog

Boy what a whirlwind couple weeks in Charleston! We had an amazing time and also some amazing shooting opportunities in this magical and charming place. The best part about shooting pics when you are traveling is it gives you a chance to find all kinds of secret spots. The key is to make sure you pack (or purchase!) looks you want to shoot and that you can wear out and about while you’re exploring town. And shop I most definitely did!

Gingham pants and peplum top

One of my favorite finds was this beautifully tailored peplum top with a standing collar from White House Black Market. I don’t often shop there, but every once in a while I’ll find something that’s truly spectacular. Yes, I’m calling a white shirt spectacular – but why not? Having a cadre of crisp white tops in various cuts is the foundation of any versatile wardrobe. I was just preaching this in last week’s gingham skirt post, too!

Basket bag and Espadrilles

Admittedly, I’ve been way over the peplum craze for a couple years, but after a lengthy break, I was ready to get back on board when I saw this beauty. Peplums can be hard for gals with hips and curves because they get wide right at your widest parts. But I’ve found that if you pair one with a slim silhouette on the bottom, like cigarette pants or a pencil skirt, you can fight the illusion of extra width. A very-fitted bodice is also key to emphasizing where you are narrow at your waist.

Gingham pants and peplum top on Belle Meets World blog

A great way to breathe new life into the peplum trend is how WHBM has done with this top by making the peplum itself more stylized. It’s a fuller skirt and is longer in the back. It covers up my bum so you just see the slimmer part of my legs from the back, and it also makes the top just a touch dressy and glamorous which of course, I love! Plus the standing collar makes the whole thing a bit unique in cut. You can wear it alone like this or add a skinny belt at the waist seam for extra style. Paired with a white pencil skirt, you could even wear it to a summer garden party as a dress!

Basket bag and espadrilles

Blogging blooper – you may notice my earrings are different in a couple shots. Evan thought the pants were black and that the bright blue fringe earrings (Baublebar) threw off the colors. But the pants are navy (I confirmed on the Victoria Beckham for Target site, and surprise – I am right, per usual), hence my choice of tan shoes and bag. I acquiesced though and softened up the jewelry with some gold and stone earrings from LOFT though. Even a fashionista has got to pick her battles…

Peplum trend from White House Black Market

Old Navy sunglasses

Victoria Beckham for Target gingham pants

Pants: Victoria Beckham for Target // Top: White House Black Market // Espadrilles: Lucky Brand // Bag: Vintage (similar here) // Sunglasses: Old Navy (c/o)

Peplum trend

So, while you’re out there picking up a few summer shopping items, why not look for an updated peplum top? It’ll add a little femininity and flare to your look!