Midi dress and kitten heels on Belle Meets World blog

You might’ve noticed that I can change my mind about certain styles over time. One day I hate peplums, the next I love them. I thought orange was the worst color ever. Then I challenged myself (and you all!) to try it, and now I just can’t get enough. Today I’m obsessed with midi-dresses but just a couple months ago I thought it was so unflattering. I think that just goes to show that you have to work with something for a while until you find the best fit for you. And you also have to stay curious and open-minded about clothes if you want to unlock your most flattering and fun style.

Orange midi dress and kitten heels on Belle Meets World blog

My curiosity around the midi length started when the term recently gained popularity. It seems to have replaced ‘tea length’. I don’t mind it – mini, midi, maxi. That’s pretty clear as to what I’m going to get in a skirt. But when are they going to find a cuter term for ‘knee-length’? Anyhoo – what I never liked about midi-length is that it fell at my calf. I have pretty wide and defined calves (truth – I sometimes have to buy the extended width in knee boots) that I’m a touch insecure about so I didn’t think I should wear a dress that fell right at the very spot I didn’t want anyone to notice. Wouldn’t that draw attention to their width?? I think the answer is yes, with the wrong shoe. But I’ve found that even the slightest of heels – just 1-2 inches – adds just enough lengthening power to the leg that a midi works.

Midi dress on Belle Meets World blog

The coolest part about a midi dress or skirt is it’s so feminine and sexy while offering full coverage, comfort and movability. It’s not too casual – sometimes I think maxi skirts have too much of a sloppy effect. And a mini can look too dressy or hoochie, depending on your choice. The midi is kind of the style jackpot! You could walk 3 miles in this bad boy without tripping over fabric (maxi) or showing your world to the world (mini).

Orange midi dress

The good news is this midi dress style is EVERYWHERE right now – on all the blogs, on all the racks, on all the sales!! So you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that works for you. I’ve seen options at J.Crew (this ruffle number is adorable and I almost bought it recently), Zara (remember my pink gingham skirt I wore all over Charleston two weeks ago?), and Banana Republic (this orange dress is from there, as is the black and white striped dress I wore with the watermelon accessories recently). I just bought this dress from Asos recently too (coming soon to the blog!), so I’m telling you – seek and ye shall find.

Cult Gaia Ark bag

Orange Banana Republic dress on Belle Meets World blog

P.S. No, I’m not in Paris in these pics (though oh how I wish I was). I’m in Atlanta! We’ve got our very own Arc de Triomphe wannabe monument right here in the south. But we call it Millenium Gate. So fancy and official. When we shot here on Sunday, it was very overcast so our shoots were a challenge. I haven’t shot in cloudy skies like this before but I think we managed to do a-okay. Many thanks to my sis for spending her Sunday snapping pics of me! Against the gray cast, my orange dress looked truly neon!

Kitten Heels on Belle Meets World blog

Orange midi dress

Cult Gaia Ark bag

Banana Republic dress on Belle Meets World blog

Orange midi dress on Belle Meets World blog

Midi Dress: Banana Republic // Shoes: Banana Republic // Belt: Banana Republic // Bag: Cult Gaia Ark bag // Sunglasses: Old Navy (c/o) // Watch: JORD (c/o) // Earrings: Giles & Brother (similar here)

Midi dress on Belle Meets World blog