Best t-shirts for women on Belle Meets World blogHello from 37,000 feet! I’m on a plane to Mexico for a whirlwind weekend of wedding planning!

Several months back (or was it years??), one of my readers asked me to write a post about the best t-shirt for women out there. I never wrote it because I couldn’t find one. They were all too see-through, too low-cut, too expensive or worst of all, too short-sleeved.

Since she requested this post, I hit the jackpot. The holy grail of affordable tees is out there, ladies! Let me explain…

The t-shirt I’ve been looking for is one that covers my arms to a few inches above my elbows. I have an upper-arm insecurity. I do. It’s silly. But we all have our things, don’t we girls? Mine is arms. Most women’s tees have these teeny tiny sleeves that hit right at the arm chub spot. No thanks!

J.Crew Perfect-fit T-shirt worn by Atlanta Blogger Elise Giannasi

Okay enough talky talky, as Evan always says to me. Drumroll, please..the best tee out there is…the J.Crew perfect-fit T-shirt. The sleeves are PERFECT. They go almost all the way down the arm!!!

The tee is also super comfy and soft, breathes well and has a simple neckline. It comes in several different colors that change about the seasons. It is a thick-ish cotton knit so it is not see-through. And the price is right! $29.50 full price. No wonder they call it perfect.

Best t-shirts for women on Belle Meets World blog

Try it. You’ll like it. Abigail, if you’re reading, I’m so sorry it took me forever to write this.

FYI, I wore this to brunch at Petit Chou in our neighborhood in Cabbagetown this past weekend – sometimes you just gotta go casual. They have such great food! GO!

Oh, and I would love for you to follow along with me on Instagram Stories this weekend as Evan and I plan for our wedding!! San Miguel is such a gorgeous place in the heart of Mexico, and I’m sharing the whole thing! Follow me on IG at @bellemeetsworld!

J.Crew Perfect-fit t-shirt on Belle Meets World blog T-Shirt: J.Crew Perfect-fit // Jeans: Gap Factory Boyfriend Fit (c/o) // Espadrilles: Marc Fisher // Bag: Vintage (similar here!) // Earrings: brand unkown, purchased in Charleston (similar here!) // Sunglasses: brand unknown (similar here!) // Lips: FRESH Sugar in Passion

Best t-shirt for women on Belle Meets World blog