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Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty post, and I’m excited about this one because I’m sharing all kinds of new beauty things I’ve discovered that you’re going to love! One of the joys in life for me is testing makeup, hair products and skincare. It’s so fun. And lucky for you, I can tell you what to buy so you don’t have to waste your money testing out things yourself. Here are a few of my fave new discoveries – almost all are budget-friendly!

Busy Showerless Shave Gel on Belle Meets World blog


Starting with this one because it’s my favorite of all of them. This Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel is awesome for traveling, especially if there’s a teeny shower in the hotel room, or if you just need a touch up for a night out. You just spread it all over your legs, shave, and then rub in a bit more for moisturizing. The hair collects on the razor. Seems like it wouldn’t work, but it does and I actually get less razor burn with it.

The pros: ultra-moisturizing and soothing with Tea Tree Oil. $22 for a pack of 2 on Amazon! The cons: I do feel like I have to use a lot of the product but that could just be because I’m used to shave gel that has a lot of mousse to it. Try it!

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel on Belle Meets World blog

Next up…


Okay I love their sheet masks, but these are just downright FUN!!! They look like pandas and bananas!! I love these little eye sticks because they travel so well, glide on easily and feel pretty darn good too. The light blue one is a cooling eye serum which is great in the a.m. (bye bye puffiness!) and p.m. (hello rejuvination!). The other is a brightening stick that helps to pep up under-eye circles when you wake up. At $13.50 a pop, how could you resist these cuties?!

The Banana Sleeping Pack is a thick moisturizer that is great for overnight because the banana and chamomile have a smoothing effect. Plus, it looks so colorful and fun on your beauty counter!

Tony Moly Eye Serum on Belle Meets World


Tony Moly Eye Serum on Belle Meets World blog

Tony Moly Moisturizer on Belle Meets World

And then onto…


Thanks to my sister for introducing this to me! We Giannasi sisters are suckers for pretty packaging. Throw cute fruits on it and call it makeup – we’re freakin’ sold! These Revlon Kiss sticks add the perfect light wash of color while moisturizing. I don’t leave home without one anymore and they smell nice, and feel really good – not too heavy for hot summer days. Only $5!!! HELLO. No-brainer.

I like Cherry and Crisp Apple and plan to buy the Berry Burst this weekend!

Revlon Kiss Lip Balm on Belle Meets World blog


Revlon Kiss Lip Balm on Belle Meets World blog

Next up…


This Butter Blush is the perfect glow for summertime. It’s super light with a touch of shimmer and 100% gives you that sun-kissed glow everyone is dying to achieve. Physician’s Formula is definitely one of those brands that has a few products with cult followings. For a drugstore brand, they really knock it out of the park sometimes. Remember how much I gushed about their lash extension mascara years ago?!?! It’s still the best.

Also, they call it Butter Blush because it has Murumuru, Cupuacu and Tucuma butter from the Amazon. Who knows what that is, but anything that promises to make me feel like a Brazilian goddess is totally going in my shopping cart.

Physicians Formula Butter Blush on Belle Meets World



Okay so these are the pricey ones, but I am definitely one to invest in skincare for certain items. Serums are one of them, and nice face masks are the other. Both penetrate deep and require you use so little that they last a long time and deliver a lot of benefits.

Rodial is a British skincare and makeup brand (Bloomingdale’s and Ulta carry online) that I’ve discovered recently and love. The Snake Mask has Syn-Ake Dipeptide and Kaolin French Clay (that’s the black color) to help smoothen and detoxify skin. It dries fast and leaves you feeling fresh as a baby’s butt. The Stemcell face oil is DI-VINE. I use it twice daily and it has been major in my new micro-needling habit that I’ll be writing about soon.

Rodial facemask on Belle Meets World blog

Rodial Stem Cell Serum on Belle Meets World

Thank you to Busy Beauty and Rodial for providing products to me to try. All opinions are 100% my own!