Finding a salon you love is hard work, especially when you move to a new city. It took me a full year to find one here in Atlanta! But I finally did at Melrose & McQueen in Inman Park, the best Atlanta salon in my opinion.

Melrose & McQueen Salon Review on Belle Meets World

As a former hair stylist and salon addict, I’ve tried everything in every city I’ve ever lived in. In Atlanta, I’ve gone very high end with Vidal Sassoon, and I’ve gone very casual with Mary Todd. I love Vidal for their structured cuts. You know exactly what you’re going to get every time. I love Mary Todd for it’s laid back no-snobbery vibe.

But when I found out that my friend and former stylist colleague Dyana was moving back to Atlanta and landed at Melrose & McQueen, I knew exactly where I’d be going from now on. I just hoped the vibe of the salon would be what I wanted, too. And it was!

Cut by Dyana Nematalla of Melrose & McQueen Atlanta


Melrose & McQueen has a high-end hipster meets young professional meets super-model vibe. Let me explain…

  • Everyone there has amazing hair – both color and style. This is the first thing I look for when I check out a salon. You want the people to look like they know what they are doing and care about it in themselves.
  • Everyone has their own edgy look. Also something I like in a salon and stylist. There’s gotta be something aspirational about the person in charge of my appearance. I want to be like her.
  • They use R+Co products and Redken color – both brands I love and trust. Not overly pricey but well-respected in the industry and deliver awesome results.
  • The layout is cool and spacious.
  • They are on top of social media. They have an Instagram booth and were shooting Instastories to promote their services.

Follow the salon on Instagram @melrosemcqueen

Melrose & McQueen Color by Abby Andree on Belle Meets World blog


Dyana is a styling prodigy and is hands down the best hair stylist I’ve ever seen work. She gets hair, knows how to cut it for its texture, and can style like there is no tomorrow. And she will show you how to do it yourself – key! She finally coaxed my curls out of hiding!

In New York, she was at two uber-prestigious salons, Yves Durif at the Carlyle and Marie Robinson. Socialites like Daphne Guiness trusted only Dyana with their red-carpet-worthy and photo-shoot-ready styles. Dyana is also super down-to-earth, adorable and has fantastic style (and hair, of course).

Follow Dyana on Instagram here @dyananematallahair


I also hoped Dyana could recommend a colorist to get my blonde back on track. And she did! Abby Andree is a miracle worker with blondes. She took me from lumpy and over-grown highlights, to bright and beautiful golden blonde – with just enough root that it’ll grow out nicely. It was the perfect canvas for my wedding hair trial (below pic).

She recently returned to Atlanta from LA and splits her time between both cities because she’s so freakin’ fabulous, her LA clients can’t bear to live without her. She flies out every 6 weeks to take care of them at Meche, the super-trendy Beverly Hills hot spot for celebs and sun-kissed highlight lovers alike.

Follow Abby on Instagram here @abbyandree

Melrose & McQueen Review on Belle Meets World blog


All these things combined – vibe, cut, style and color – make Melrose & McQueen the winner of Best Atlanta Salon in the Belle Meets World kingdom. That’s gotta count for something, right?!

Melrose & McQueen is located at: 337 Elizabeth St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. Call (404) 909-5245 to book an appointment. Or book online: here.

Here are my favorite R+Co products below!

And of course, cut and color responsibly! Don’t forget to bring pictures of what you like to guide your stylist and colorist. Check out my recent post: How to Get the Hair Color and Cut You Want at the Salon for why this is so important!!