Fit and Flare on Belle Meets World blog

Hey, hey, hey my strong, beautiful women! Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes and the support as I recently announced the evolution of this blog.

As I said the other day, new content and focus is coming to the blog, but style will still be a part of my story – how can it not be? What I wear is what gives me my power!! Each and every day.

And that’s how I’ll talk about style in this new grown-ass version of Belle Meets World – with power and purpose. Because in my world, clothing gives me energy and character. I find strength in knowing exactly what works best for my body. Which brings me to today’s topic…

My power silhouette. There is nothing I feel more confident in than a fit and flare look. I’m talking about a tight top and a big circle flared skirt. When in doubt, I will always go for this silhouette – for work, for weddings, for special events, everything. It highlights my waist, minimizes my hips, doesn’t show too much skin and is perfectly girly – all things I personally like in a look.

Let me tell you – people notice. When I wear this outfit, I get more compliments than any other look I own. Today 3 women and 1 man stopped me on the street to ask me where this skirt was from and to tell me I looked great. This is not bragging. This is fact! Last time I wore it, the same thing happened.

So what it is it about fit and flare for me?? I think it’s because this is the silhouette that removes all my body insecurities – every woman has them! When I’m wearing this, I’m not worried about jiggly bits or panty lines or the parts I don’t like. They are all covered. I walk taller and focus on what’s important – not all the body image nonsense. I get shit done.

And while I’m learning how to be a grown-ass woman – one who loves herself and her body – boosting my power with a killer outfit gets me one step closer to who I need to be.

Do you know what your power silhouette is? Give it some thought! Consider what makes you feel amazing – then wear it, whatever it is, all. the. time.

Fit and Flare on Belle Meets World blog

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Fit and Flare on Belle Meets World blog

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Fit and Flare on Belle Meets World blog
Click through for some of my favorite picks for flared skirts from Chicwish – that’s where this skirt is from, too!