Useful and Classic Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Is it just me or do guys get the short end of the holiday gifting stick? There are so many beautiful and lovely fun things out there for gals but I always struggle to think of gifts for men that have some sort of ooh-aah surprise factor.

But then I started considering the fact that men (at least the men in my life) appreciate practicality and something that will last. When I thought of it this way, a holiday gift guide for men with useful and classic gifts with staying power that I could recommend took shape pretty quickly. Here it is!


All items are under $200, and most are under $100 and on sale. You can shop these items through the links below or by clicking through any of the images of the products below, as well.

  1. The Tie Bar Gift Set – I bought this very set for Evan a couple years back and he still wears the heck out of these items. It comes with 2 ties, 2 socks, 2 pocket squares, a lapel flower and a tie clip – all coordinating and available in different color palettes to go with his casual and his dressy wardrobe. $99 for set.
  2. Diff Eyewear Sunglasses – DIFF is a high-quality eyewear line that donates a pair of glasses for ever pair purchased. These are such a classic style that would match the field jacket below perfectly – and it’s a gift that gives back! $85 per pair with 25% off discount – use code ELISEDIFF25 at checkout!
  3. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker – For the coffee snob on your gift list! This is such a sleek and beautiful kitchen item, invented by a chemist and based on a beaker. It’s a little involved to make a pour over, but for the guy who savors a great cuppa joe, he’ll love this (we certainly do at our house). Don’t forget the filters, too! $42 for the beaker, $8 for the filters at Bloomies!
  4. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit – Proper grooming is a key part of adulting, and a grown-up shave kit is a great way to get him on that train! Check out my full review of the kit with some helpful shaving tips – featuring my husband! The brush is guaranteed to last for 3 years, and the products travel quite well. A steal at $50 per kit!
  5. Coutlet Exercise Band Set – I’ve noticed that men aren’t as into classes as women. They like to do their own thing at the gym and on the go. An exercise band set takes up little space at home and can easily travel with him so that he can work on his fitness however he likes! $41 for a full set plus hookups on Overstock!
  6. Crosley Nomad Record Player – This is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come because you can pick up records on all your vacations and at every holiday. Plus, you get to enjoy all the tunes, too! This Crosley Nomad gets fabulous reviews and has such a sleek and retro vibe that won’t stick out like a sore thumb among your home decor. $180 at Bloomies!
  7. Body Shop for Men Skincare – I buy these for Evan every year for his stocking. They smell amazing and finally got him on board with taking good care of his skin. There are a number of products in the Maca line, but Evan prefers the Maca Root Face Wash and the Energetic Face Protector with SPF15 (a moisturizer). $12 for the face wash and $18 for the moisturizer full price, but ody Shop almost ALWAYS has a buy 2, get 1 free type of sale going on, as well, so get on this!
  8. J.Crew Field Jacket – This is such a timeless piece that he can wear in every season and looks so sexy and classic. This J.Crew version is extremely sturdy (their men’s stuff is often so much better quality than their women’s stuff sometimes) and looks great on all body types. Fits true to size. He’ll wear it so much you’ll net out to about $2 per wear in the first year! $198 with a 30% off sale today!
  9. Madewell Leather Carry-all Phone Case – A leather phone case is so classy and sleek and makes him look like he cares enough about his appearance and his belongings! This one holds his cards too, so he won’t lose anything. At $29.50, it’s perfect for his stocking – keep an eye out for Madewell sales coming up, too!
  10. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Speaker – A portable speaker is so handy for road trips, outdoor workouts, and even the beach! This one gets great reviews and will connect to your phone via bluetooth, so no need to deal with pesky cords and plugs. Comes in a bunch of fun colors! $100 at Urban Outfitters, but keep an eye out for a deal on Amazon, too!
  11. Amazon Echo Dot – ‘Alexa, Answer all my man’s silly questions so that I don’t have to!’ JK, but seriously, it’s pretty fun to have this gizmo turn on your lights, play your favorite playlist and look up those random queries you have about the population of Hong Kong (or whatever). Plus, you’ll keep him busy setting it up on Christmas day. Only $29.99 at Amazon!
  12. Personalized Flask Kit – Every gentleman should have a way to transport his booze! This personalized flask is from Target, and you can choose from every letter. It comes with a funnel and two cups to measure out the goods and is perfect for New Year’s Eve pre-gaming, a wedding or sporting events! $39 for the kit. Drink responsibly, of course. 

Got any other great ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!