Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a simple everyday makeup look with a little iPhone video to accompany the post. This way you can see exactly what the steps I’m showing you look like in action. When I recently posted my loose waves tutorial, a few readers asked to learn about the makeup I was wearing in that tutorial, so here goes!

Everyday makeup doesn’t require that you run out and buy a million products or spend a million minutes applying it. I guarantee you already own what you need. We women buy a ton of makeup every year hoping the gift of using it correctly will come to us overnight. Then it just sits in the drawer because you don’t know what to do (sound familiar?). Let me show you!


A note on brushes: they can be very expensive. Real Techniques makes affordable, high-quality brushes that you can buy at the drugstore, and I recommend the powder brush, blush brush and eyeshadow duo set. Marc Jacobs also made the shadow brush and a crease brush to match the palette featured here which are divine but expensive. The ones I’m using here are from beauty school and can’t be purchased anymore.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial


1. Apply face makeup and set with powder brush

I use foundation for special occasions but daily, I simply use MAC powder. If you use concealer, check out the video where I apply it in an upside down triangle to avoid reverse-raccoon eyes. Using a powder brush blends everything and loosens up cakiness from the application process.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

2. Circle blush at the apples of cheeks and sweep upwards

Blush gives you life and glow! A lot of women don’t like it but I feel naked and sallow without it and think just a little dab on the apples and cheek bones is great. Yes, there are all kinds of highlighting and contouring you could do but this is truly a 5-minute application of makeup for beginners or women on-the-go. Don’t worry about that right now!

3. Light shadow on lid to brow. Medium color in crease. Dark color along lash line.

Eyeshadow is my favorite part because it really brings your face to life. Take the shadow brush that mimics the shape of your finger and apply the lightest color all over lid and up to brow. Circle the smaller crease brush in the medium color and place in the crease between lid and brow bone and swipe back and forth. Sweep a little onto the outer corner of lid. Then take your pinky and rub in the dark color. Nestle your pinky in the ridge between your lashes and lids (it fits!!) and sweep the darker color along that line to create a smoky eyeliner effect. I also sweep some on the lower lash line but that’s optional.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

4. Apply brow gel and mascara – this seals the deal and creates a frame for the face!

I like brow gels right now because you can apply with a brush and they look a bit more natural, but I also like pencils when I want a more stark brow shape. When using a pencil, don’t forget to draw in the opposite direction that the hair grows.

5. Sweep on a neutral gloss – this way you don’t look overdone at the office! Done!

You could pair a darker color for an evening dinner but since I went in on the eyes, I keep the lips glossed but subtle.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Seriously it’s that easy. Honestly, while I love trying new beauty products, everyday makeup has less to do with what you’re using and more to do with applying and blending it well. It’s all about a little confidence of the hand. Just know that practice makes perfect so keep this little video I made below on hand while you’re learning.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial


Here’s another little phone video I put together out of my IG Stories. I know it’s rough but I’m working on getting my groove in talking to a camera and showing you what it REALLY looks like to do beauty things.

HERE’S WHERE I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! I’m considering adding legit videos to the blog in 2018, but I need to know if you actually want that! As you can imagine, learning all the components of video-blogging is a hefty endeavor. There will be hits and misses and a lot of work behind the scenes. I’m up for the challenge so if you want it, I’d love to do it! You can let me know via comment below (preferred), or via the FB posts associated with this blog post or via email at [email protected]. Tell me what you’d want to see, too!

Everyday Makeup Tutorial