Valentine's Date Night In

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know it’s no secret that I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. I think I started posting about it on January 2nd and I would’ve sooner if it weren’t for New Year’s Day and all. Sure, it’s a commercial holiday that is somewhat meaningless and that haters love to hate…but I never pass up an opportunity to dress up, decorate, eat chocolate and drink cocktails. If celebrating love is the way to do it, then I’M IN! Plus, love is great! Why not celebrate it?!

This year, whether you’re celebrating with your favorite gals or your favorite guy, let’s make this Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day epic, shall we? Here’s what I’m proposing: have a Valentine’s Date Night In! With the right snacks, drinks and ambience, you can avoid over-priced, luke-warm, prix-fixe menus at restaurants and chill in the comfort of your own home (can you tell I’m married to a homebody??). 

Edible Arrangements Be Mine Bouquet Valentine's Day


I think we all know the immediate way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate. Sure, presents and jewelry are nice longer-term investments in your relationship. But then there’s chocolate and immediate gratification. And then there’s fruit covered in chocolate. And then her head explodes with excitement because … well, chocolate-covered strawberries. And what’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear that??

Edible Arrangements! You guessed it. The Be Mine Bouquet is probably the BIGGEST thing I’ve ever seen, and I got a little giddy when it arrived because I knew I’d be feasting for hours (I mean days). It is the PERFECT valentines day gift for your night in and even better than flowers – because you can EAT IT (hello?!). For your Galentine’s celebration, it makes a beautiful centerpiece and is a finger-food all-star for the girls.

Edible Arrangements


To win Valentine’s Day, you’ve gotta have a colorful cocktail to match the occasion. This blackberry shandy is light and refreshing and can be paired with other alcohols and mixers to make your own craft cocktails.It’s perfect for the girls and still counts as beer for your guy. For a fun take on the margarita, muddle blackberries with 1 oz. each mezcal and lime juice plus 1/2 oz. each of orange liqueur and simple syrup. Pour over ice, top with 3 oz. of Lucky Traveler Shandy and garnish with a lime!

It’s our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, so of course I jumped at the occasion to pour a drink that would look lovely in our Mr. and Mrs. flutes. Sure it’s silly and cutesie but it is fun as hell for me to go overboard (it’s the little things in life, y’know?) P.s. these cute little straws are from Target and make your tablescape lovely!

Valentine's Date Night In

Valentines Outfit Idea


Popcorn is a big favorite over in this household. We make it ALL THE TIME. And while I’m normally a butter and salt popcorn-consumer, a sweet and salty kettlecorn version is in order for a Valentine’s Day date night in. It’s the easiest snack in the world to serve your Galentine guests too, especially if any of your gal pals are gluten free. You could wrap it up in a cute little mug as a party favor, too!

CONFESSION – When I lived in NY there was a Popcorn Indiana near my place and on Saturdays I would get a giant bag of chocolate-covered popcorn and eat the whole thing. EEK! It’s so freakin’ good. This Drizzlecorn is a lighter version of that with black and white chocolate drips on it, and I can’t stop eating it. Did I mention chocolate is the way to her heart?!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas


There’s no question that candles create a fun and romantic ambience, especially when they smell amazing too. For your Galentine gathering, line your table with a few of these Valentine’s Day candles to add to the decor and to spread some love and passion vibes into the universe. It has a citrusy-scent so it blends well with the shandy cocktail aroma and makes your house smell awesome.

Fun fact: Chesapeake Bay candles are enriched with essential oils and are poured with a soy-blend wax so they burn clean. I like to light one at night when I’m starting to wind down from the day, and since V-day is on a weeknight this year, I’ll definitely need some de-stressing after the workday so that I can fully enjoy date night.

Valentine's Day Date Night In


If you’re hosting your girlfriends over, you probably aren’t going to greet them at the door in your cute undies set, but if you are having a little lovin’ night in with your significant other, well, you might as well choose something to put on that makes you feel sexy!

To be honest, I’m not one to spend a ton of money on fancy lingerie. I like affordable and simple bras and panties that match, are cute, and make me feel good when I’m wearing them. Maidenform is a well-known and trusted brand that’s available at stores you can count on like Kohl’s, Macy’s and Target, so I know I won’t break the bank if I want to buy something new for this fun little holiday! They come in a range of sizes, so every woman can find a style she loves.

Valentines Date Night In


Lastly, there are so many fun and affordable decorations out there, so I love to go all out. Evan even told me he secretly loves having the house decorated for holidays so chances are, your guy will love it too! And for your Galentines, well hello Instagram eye candy! All these decorations were between $1-10 from Target (of course)!

Win Valentine's Day

Whether you’re spending it with your gals or your guy, you can totally win Valentine’s day with these fun party tips and ideas. And if you need some tips on how to do your hair for the occasion, check out my How to Curl Hair with a Wand Tutorial. For outfit ideas, this Wardrobe Classics post has everything you need!

I hope you have the best time and would love to hear your party ideas in the comments below!