Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

For those of you that have followed me for years, you know how much I love Pixi Glow Tonic. It’s my number one beauty product. And the best part is it’s from the drugstore. Yep, that’s right. My number one skincare product is from the drugstore. But the things I love from Pixi don’t just stop at glow tonic. I’ve come to love many of their skin treats. If you’re looking for great skincare at drugstore prices, Pixi is the brand for you. But guess what else? Their makeup is fabulous, too!

Here are my top-recommended Pixi Beauty items. I’ve linked them all directly to the Pixi Beauty website because you’ll get free shipping for purchases over $25! Glow get ‘em!!

Best Pixi Beauty Products - Glow Tonic - on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

Best All-Around Pixi Beauty Skincare Product:

  1. Pixi Glow Tonic a glycolic acid based toner with a cult following. I’ve been using it for six years and jump at every chance to tell people about it. It truly is my #1 drugstore beauty buy.

Best All-Around Pixi Beauty Makeup Product:

  1. MatteLast Liquid Lips – these are out of this world! The formula is creamy, the pigments are gorgeous and sophisticated, and the applicator makes them easy to apply with little mess. I. am. Obsessed. I wasn’t into matte lips until I found these! My favorite colors for work are Au Naturelle (shown here in the pics on me with a white background), Pastel Petal and Really Rose (shown in the bunch of roses and in the pic with the pink background).
Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

Other Fave Pixi Beauty Skin Treats:

Glow line – like the Glow Tonic, these are some of the other glycolic acid based products that I’ve tried and love.

  • Glow Peel Pads – only use once in a while to exfoliate with this higher concentration of glycolic acid. Very intense! Very good!
  • Glow O2 Oxygen Mask – this 5-minute mask foams and bubbles and adds a boost of hydration.
  • Overnight Glow Serum – the matching serum to go with the glow tonic. Apply right after you tone so it gives you a double-dose of glycolic acid.
Best Pixi Beauty Products on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

Rose Line – rose is great for calming skin and improving the quality of your complexion.

  • Rose Cream Cleanser – a creamy cleanser to soothe the skin. It doesn’t over-dry your face, which is hard to find in a cleanser.
  • Rose Tonic – if glycolic acid isn’t your thing, try this toner instead to calm sensitive skin.
  • Rose Caviar Essence – a light serum with concentrated flower oils and bits of rose petals that look like caviar. Like the glow serum, apply this after using the rose tonic. They make a power couple!
  • Rose Ceramide Cream – This super-rich moisturizer is divine and sits really well under makeup. I tore through my first tube and plan to re-up. It’s a great every morning moisturizer!
  • Rose Flash Balm – this oil-free moisturizer-meets-primer-meets mask is AWESOME. I love multi-tasking beauty products, and this one is a power house. This is the cheaper version of the Clarins flash balm but just as good.

Face Oils

  • Jasmine Oil – smells lovely and helps to heal and balance your skin while also hydrating. I apply a little to my hands and tap it into my skin when I need extra hydration at night.
  • Rose Oil – just like the Jasmine oil, this one smells lovely! This formula is rejuvenating and restorative and gives you a lovely glow. Again – wear this overnight, not during the day.
Best Pixi Beauty Products on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

Other Fave Pixi Beauty Makeup

  • PixiGlow Cake Ombre Blush – these are gorgeous. I just love looking at them! I wear this every day to work for a bright glow. If you’re a blush girl like me, treat yourself! You can do one big sweep to get a multi-dimensional glow, or you can use the dark for contouring, middle for blush, lightest for highlighting.
  • Glow-y Gossamer Duo Highlighter/Bronzer – these are very shiny, so apply it sparingly at the top of the cheek bones.
  • Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes – the pigments in these shadows are surprisingly deep. I find most drugstore shadows don’t last and they are too powdery. But these aren’t! Each palette has a nice mix of shimmers and mattes.
Really Rose Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi


Yep there’s only one! I’m honestly shocked I found a product I didn’t like, but the Liquid Fairy Lights liquid eyeshadows are not my fave. They are very, very, very glittery, and the formula is not to my liking. It doesn’t stay put or consistent across the lid, so I’m not a huge fan.

Okay, so yes, this was a marathon gush fest about Pixi because this is seriously my favorite drugstore all-around brand. While Pixi Glow Tonic and I go way back, I came to know the other products through my collaboration (a dream come true!) with the brand over the last year. I’m so stoked an affordable and quality drugstore skincare and makeup brand exists!

Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

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Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip on Belle Meets World blog by Elise Giannasi

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