Have you ever experienced this: you go to the salon so excited to get your hair colored, and you walk out liking it but not loving it because it just wasn’t quite what you wanted? You’re not alone! This happens all the time and the reason why is because YOU, the client, didn’t walk into your appointment fully prepared to ask for exactly what you want.


Happy day, Dear Readers! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Mine was chilly, which just might mean that winter is finally coming. And boy can a season change and different weather take a toll on your skin! That’s why I’m writing today with some recommendations for what to put on your lovely face, as well as in your beautiful body to ensure you are nourished from both outside and within. 


I’ve been testing several foundations over the last few months, desperately trying to find the best one for me and the ones that I’m willing to recommend to my readers. And I’ve found a few, actually! Plus I’ve found some that I didn’t love, and some that I’d still like to try that folks have told me about along the way – both high and low end. Read on for my favorite foundation recommendations!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post focused on haircare – partly because I’ve been so uninspired by my hair products lately! Here’s why – my hair has changed dramatically over the last year. It used to be off-the-charts curly and very voluminous. In fact, I could get away with washing it once a week (no joke). Now that I’m solidly in my 30s, the natural curl has turned into an unpredictable semi-wave, it gets greasy after one day, and it is thinner. Then one day it’ll curl out of the blue after a shampoo, and then back to flat the next day. All of my expensive uber-curl products are now mostly useless to me, and I certainly can’t afford to spend tons of money on all-new expensive products. Any of you other ladies out there dealing with this weirdness?? Fortunately, I’ve found a couple solutions that you can buy at Target that I’m recommending today. 


I started writing this post on my 34th birthday, and it’s taken me two months to complete my thoughts on turning 34 and what it means to me. Last year I posted about beating the Birthday Blues on my 33rd by infusing self-love into your special day. The year before that, a fun little outfit post about my short skirt, smiling wide at 32. This year, I’m posting about ‘getting older’ because in the last year, my relationship with age has completely changed – suddenly I was ‘aging’. AGING. I’ve felt so many different emotions towards it, had so many different experiences with it, and sought out so many different ‘solutions’ for it this year – as if it’s a force to be reckoned with that I must control, deny and accept, all at the same time.


Red lipstick is the ultimate in makeup power plays. Whenever I put on red lipstick I feel like a badass, channeling my inner Gwen Stefani or Hollywood glamour girl. And when I’m feeling sad, depressed or have a bad day, I find myself heading to the vanity and putting on a coat of my favorite red lipstick – almost without even thinking about it. It’s an instant pick-me-up and helps me gather my strength and regain control. And when I see another woman wearing it, I admire her for her boldness and respect her choice to let her lady-flag fly. Today, I’m sharing my favorites with you. Read on for the best red lipsticks, according to MOI!