Anyone else out there terrified by orange?? I sure am, but this weekend I found myself drawn to it – I was having coffee with my sister, and I wanted to feel happy and bright to celebrate. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks! I found myself reaching for this shirt and blazer thinking, ‘Wait, what if I tried these two pieces together? Can I pull this off? Will I look like a giant persimmon?! (is that a bad thing?!)’ But I gave it a chance – and loved it. In fact, I walked a little taller on my way to our coffee date!


I like to call this my ZERO [email protected]#*S GIVEN outfit. I started wearing it a lot this winter after Evan challenged me to try caring less (a lot less) about what people think about me in 2017. To which I responded, uh, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I am a neurotic freak who gives ALL the [email protected]#*S about ALL the things. To which he responded, uh, EXACTLY!!!! 


Ladies, ever had a day where you feel bloated and completely disgusting? Or a day where you can’t for the LIFE of you find anything at all to wear because nothing, I mean nothing, looks good on you?! Yep. Me too. Wanna know how I deal with it and how you should deal with it, too?! Okay great. Here goes (in case the title of this post didn’t give it away): WEAR ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. You will feel confident. You will look slimmer. You will feel put together. You will look fabulous. You will feel powerful.


Picture this, Dear Readers: You head to Charleston for a long weekend with your man to see friends and enjoy the sights. You pack one of your favorite looks so that you can shoot and write a fun little “What to Wear to Thanksgiving” post. I mean this multi-layered pleated mini-dress with fun fall colors is perfect with a pair of Over the Knee (OTK) boots, right?! You walk around in the bright South Carolina sunshine all morning thinking, “Man, I must be looking super-fly because I keep getting a lot of double-takes.” You engage in a quick photo shoot and then check in on the pics to make sure they’re turning out alright. And then you see it, the reason for all those double-takes: YOUR DRESS IS 100% SEE THROUGH AND THE WORLD CAN SEE YOUR BRA, SLIP, THONG UNDERWEAR, AND BUTT. 



I recently saw an ad on Facebook for Girlfriend Collective, boasting innovative leggings that only cost the price of shipping ($20). I was intrigued, clicked through and bought the product. It was a bit of an experiment to see if there was a catch or if they really were the best-fitting, sustainably- and ethically-made leggings out there. After all, they advertised the fact that Lulu Lemon alums were making them and refused to sacrifice quality, fit and the environment. Plus: $20. They were speaking my language. I also just received this sweater dress that would show my every bump and bulge if I didn’t find the right pair of body-flattering tights or leggings to wear underneath. In short, I am hooked on these Girlfriend Collective leggings and would encourage you to get in on this pre-order discounted action. Read on to learn more of the details…


Atlanta keeps threatening to turn to fall but as soon as we get one lovely autumnal day, it’s back to the mid-80s on the next. I’ve had to start playing a game with my outfits where I get to wear some fabulous fall pieces but I have to balance it out by showing a little skin. Now I’m not one to bare it all – I’m simply too old for that and it’s never really been my style – but at the same time, one needs ventilation in the south. So to have my fall-style-cake and eat it too, I’m going for it. If you live in a warmer climate, read on for thoughts on rocking cold-weather trends.