This past Sunday was National Hat Day, and in honor of the day, I went hat shopping! It’s pretty rare one can say she went shopping just for a hat. No one wears hats anymore! But I am a certified hat person. They are the PERFECT cover for a bad hair day and add instant style and chicness to any outfit. Every woman should have at least one fabulous hat, and not just a functional one that keeps you warm on a snow day – a real, beautiful, structured hat. 


Anyone else out there terrified by orange?? I sure am, but this weekend I found myself drawn to it – I was having coffee with my sister, and I wanted to feel happy and bright to celebrate. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks! I found myself reaching for this shirt and blazer thinking, ‘Wait, what if I tried these two pieces together? Can I pull this off? Will I look like a giant persimmon?! (is that a bad thing?!)’ But I gave it a chance – and loved it. In fact, I walked a little taller on my way to our coffee date!


I like to call this my ZERO [email protected]#*S GIVEN outfit. I started wearing it a lot this winter after Evan challenged me to try caring less (a lot less) about what people think about me in 2017. To which I responded, uh, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! I am a neurotic freak who gives ALL the [email protected]#*S about ALL the things. To which he responded, uh, EXACTLY!!!! 


Ladies, ever had a day where you feel bloated and completely disgusting? Or a day where you can’t for the LIFE of you find anything at all to wear because nothing, I mean nothing, looks good on you?! Yep. Me too. Wanna know how I deal with it and how you should deal with it, too?! Okay great. Here goes (in case the title of this post didn’t give it away): WEAR ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. You will feel confident. You will look slimmer. You will feel put together. You will look fabulous. You will feel powerful.


Picture this, Dear Readers: You head to Charleston for a long weekend with your man to see friends and enjoy the sights. You pack one of your favorite looks so that you can shoot and write a fun little “What to Wear to Thanksgiving” post. I mean this multi-layered pleated mini-dress with fun fall colors is perfect with a pair of Over the Knee (OTK) boots, right?! You walk around in the bright South Carolina sunshine all morning thinking, “Man, I must be looking super-fly because I keep getting a lot of double-takes.” You engage in a quick photo shoot and then check in on the pics to make sure they’re turning out alright. And then you see it, the reason for all those double-takes: YOUR DRESS IS 100% SEE THROUGH AND THE WORLD CAN SEE YOUR BRA, SLIP, THONG UNDERWEAR, AND BUTT. 



I recently saw an ad on Facebook for Girlfriend Collective, boasting innovative leggings that only cost the price of shipping ($20). I was intrigued, clicked through and bought the product. It was a bit of an experiment to see if there was a catch or if they really were the best-fitting, sustainably- and ethically-made leggings out there. After all, they advertised the fact that Lulu Lemon alums were making them and refused to sacrifice quality, fit and the environment. Plus: $20. They were speaking my language. I also just received this sweater dress that would show my every bump and bulge if I didn’t find the right pair of body-flattering tights or leggings to wear underneath. In short, I am hooked on these Girlfriend Collective leggings and would encourage you to get in on this pre-order discounted action. Read on to learn more of the details…