Atlanta keeps threatening to turn to fall but as soon as we get one lovely autumnal day, it’s back to the mid-80s on the next. I’ve had to start playing a game with my outfits where I get to wear some fabulous fall pieces but I have to balance it out by showing a little skin. Now I’m not one to bare it all – I’m simply too old for that and it’s never really been my style – but at the same time, one needs ventilation in the south. So to have my fall-style-cake and eat it too, I’m going for it. If you live in a warmer climate, read on for thoughts on rocking cold-weather trends. 


Casual style has always been harder for me to nail than dressing up to go out or for a corporate office. I know that seems bizarre. Shouldn’t ‘dressing down’ be easy for any and everyone? Yes and no. Dressing down in jeans and a sweater can take away your chances to add flair and style to the look. More importantly, it also has the potential to come across as sloppy and unconcerned with your appearance, which can send the wrong message to the world at large. Have you ever noticed that you are treated with more respect in public when you are put together? I have. Sales people are more engaged with me in stores, as are hairstylists, restaurant staff, and flight attendants. I get more smiles or nods from people I make eye contact with, and I’ve even noticed people more willing to move out of the way voluntarily if we need to pass each other on the sidewalk. Going in that extra 25% on your casual appearance can actually make elements of your personal, outside-of-the-office life more pleasant. 


I am a strange paradox of a person in that I hate being told what to do, yet I love rules and parameters. When people tell me I can’t wear white after Labor Day, I immediately want to throw on every white item I own and run through the streets. At the same time, a white summer dress with white pumps and a white handbag during fall and winter simply doesn’t sit right with me. So,  what’s our happy medium, ladies? Can we wear white after Labor Day? And if so, how do we do it with class and confidence? I say – YES! Wear white after Labor Day, but choose your white items wisely and pair them with the right cooler weather pieces. 


One of my readers recently gave me some very important feedback – that she works in a casual environment and that, while my professional wardrobe posts are somewhat interesting, they don’t apply to her. This was really good to hear because I LOVE talking about how to protect and promote your image in the workplace – I don’t want to stop doing that. But I do want to do it in a way that helps more of my readers than just those who work in the corporate world like me. We’re not all the same, and less and less workplaces are requiring uber-business attire. I hear you – so let’s talk about what to wear to look classy yet casual at work.


Yep. I am promoting a maxi-dress. I can’t even believe it because I’ve been so anti ever since this trend came on the seen years ago (I guess it’s not a trend anymore then?). But I have since come to love the femininity and instant-outfit that long dresses can create for us ladies looking for any and everything simple. All you’ve gotta do is give it that extra little oomph to take it to the next level with the right shoes and accessories. Read on for my tips on pulling it off the RIGHT way this fall. That’s right, it’s not just a summer trend!


I cannot believe that I of all people am standing before you, encouraging you to wear a uniform this season. But hey, people change! And I am all about ease these days because I am focused on my tiny sweet little family and building a new life in Atlanta. While I strongly believe in looking your best as much as possible, my priorities are aligned elsewhere at this time and I bet yours are too. As we get older, different things start to matter more than others. So what am I getting at? Well, I’ve been trying something new – wearing the same thing whenever I head out for a day of errands around town or whenever I work from home. Don’t get me wrong, the look I’ve chosen is fabulous, feminine and put together, but it’s also easy to clean, easy to wear and easy to pull off the hanger every. single. time.