Five ways to add positivity on rough days

Dear Atlanta, stop raining! It’s been pouring for days here, which certainly matches my current mood. I’ve been searching for ways to add positivity the last couple of days because we got some news we weren’t expecting. We have to move out of our beloved apartment ASAP.

I’ve never loved a home like I love this one. We aren’t in a position to buy it. We’re in the middle of planning a wedding. And we’ll actually be getting married in another country on the day we are supposed to move out. It sucks royally.

Clear Umbrella on Belle Meets World blog

So this may sound silly but I’m actively taking moments of the day to put these five ways to add positivity into practice. Here’s what I’m doing…


Nothing makes me feel more in control than a fabulous outfit, complete with accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. Get up. Get dressed. You’ve got this, so look the part.


Yeah, yeah. I’m not feeling like Susie Sunshine over here but forcing yourself to smile actually has physiological mood-lifting effects on you. Try it for five seconds at a time and you’ll feel calmer. And don’t forget to breathe. 10 deep breaths will bring you down a notch when panic sets in.


A couple times this week I’ve stopped to remind myself of the good things we have going on. It’s not intended to be boastful or egotistical. Instead, just to bring you back to reality that this is a roadblock but not the end of the world.


The follow-up to listing the good is trusting yourself that you can handle the bad. And you can. You have in the past and you will continue to do so in the future. Again, you’ve got this.


The thing I hate most about surprises is how little control you have over the situation. The decision is final, and you didn’t make it. Figure out what you can control and list out the small steps you need to take now. The outcome is ultimately in your hands. In this case, we activated our network right away to find new housing scenarios. It’s still unresolved as of today, but we know what our options are. That’s something.

Baublebar Gabriella Fringe Earrings worn by Elise Giannasi


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Sam Edelman D'Orsay Pumps on Belle Meets World blog

Cesca Ring Bag on Belle Meets World blog

Baublebar Fringe Earrings worn by Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

Tobi Scallop Dress

Clear Umbrella on Belle Meets World blog

Dress: Tobi Sweetly Scalloped Dress (c/o) // Shoes: Sam Edelman D’Orsay Pumps (no more lips out there but leopard here and neutral here) // Bag: Cesca for Target Women’s Ring Crossbody (similar here) // Jewelry: Baublebar Gabriella Fringe Earrings and Double-Layered Necklace (free gift w purchase!) // Umbrella: Conch Bubble


  • Amy Jones

    You look so fun and gorgeous in the rain!

  • Kat Petrunia

    Love these tips- #2 & #5 especially- but I have to totally agree about a good outfit!

  • Kristen

    You look gorgeous! Those earrings are so fun! Sometimes, just a change of perspective is all you need to turn your day around!

  • Joleen Pete

    Your outfit is SO cute!! Those shoes!! Thanks for the good tips, need them this week and YES I am over the rain too!

  • loooove the pops of pink on your outfit!
    this is so lame, but whenever i’m having a blah day or i need a boost of positivity i call one of my parents or my husband. they always know what to say or a story to share to make me smile 🙂

  • Have the cognac version of that bag and LOVE it! You are so cute!

  • Aseky Bonnaire

    Love love love the outfit! So fun and girly!!
    It’s been raining non stop down here in Orlando Florida! And everything was well written. All I do to add positivity to my day, is startingy day saying “it’s going to be a great day, nothing can stop me” ❤️