Velvet Tux for Winter

I always find it so tough to feel dressed up yet warm in the winter time. The female-tuxedo, especially a velvet one, is the perfect solution to this conundrum! 

Sure, you can wear a long sleeve dress or tights and a little bolero, but the tux is a pretty great alternative to traditional dressing up and going out garb. Plus, you can keep it a little sexy by wearing a low-cut top or some lingerie underneath (not pictured for obvious reasons). 

I chose black accents for this look, including a tie, pumps, clutch and coat

The tie and pumps acted as my bookends – one at the top and one at the bottom of the look. I liked how the vertical line of the tie mimicked the vertical line of the t-strap on the shoes. Plus, the tie added a lengthening effect since it drew your eye to the center of the v of the jacket

I draped the coat over my shoulders because it looked a little tight over a full velvet jacket. Plus, I really wanted the tux to show at all times. 

I have a few black evening bags of various styles, but I chose this one because it is the most classic, polished and feminine of each of them. A pants suit needs all the feminine touches it can get to keep it sexy – right down to the dark lip I chose to match the deep red velvet.

I went uber-light on the jewelry, and only chose a ring that I thought was playful and accented the color palette of the outfit. I tend to go easy on accessories in general, but a full velvet suit can certainly stand on its own!

Wear did I wear this? Out for cocktails and dinner with my man. We went on an impromptu date night to a wine bar, and this look was perfect for it – I matched the red wine!


Get creative with your evening wear in the winter time! Try it – you’ll like it!