Stylish Winter Outerwear

Let’s face the facts – I live in Chicago which means I live in a winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots for nearly half the year! One of the biggest challenges is finding a winter coat that is flattering, stylish and warm. The same can be said for winter boots that you have to wear in the snow.

My winter outwear ensemble started with finding this coat. I’d wanted to find a black coat but I scored this at the end of last year when everything was on sale and all the black coats were already sold out. I’ve grown to really love this color though – it has a little sheen you can’t really see in the photographs, and it certainly is on trend with the navy + black color combo. The coat is Laundry by Shelli Segal. I’ve had one other winter coat by this brand, and I highly recommend checking it out – most of the silhouettes are belted and feminine.

Since the body of the coat is navy with black accents, I looked for accessories – snow boots, scarf, hat – that were black to highlight those elements of the coat.

In addition to the hat, this coat has a gigantic hood lined with fleece and faux fur to add even more warmth when I need it – and I will need it!

A lot of puffy coats can look like glorified sleeping bags, so finding one with a belt or a slim cut is key.

I chose a coat that had a flare and ruffle below the waistline to add a feminine silhouette and to draw attention away from my widest parts and towards my narrowest part at the waist. Which is why I love the belt on this coat so much. In fact, I will probably try it with other belts that I own in black. 

I like to have one element of surprise – like these mittens with sequins and a puppy face. They make me smile when I look at them. Plus, they are the warmest gloves I own and are a great way to sneak in a little sparkle in the daytime! Thanks to my friend Emily for the gift!

And I should also shout out to my friend Dina who MADE the hat and scarf for me! They are both so warm and have a little sparkle thread going through them, which absolutely complements the sheen of the coat and the sparkly mittens.

These boots! I SCOURED the internet to find them, and finally scored a gently used pair on eBay. These are the Hunter, Lapins lace-up, high-heel rain/snow boots from a couple years ago that are sold out! The one thing I despise about snow boots is that, once you’ve gone inside out of the cold and taken your coat and such off, they rarely complement the outfit you’ve got on underneath. Since it’s hardly appropriate to shuck the boots and change your shoes when you arrive somewhere, I searched for a boot that would translate from outerwear to inside-wear. Plus, they add a punky vibe to all my outfits, which I love. Imagine them inside with a little fit and flare dress – what an edgy contradiction!

To find your own pair of stylish snow boots, I recommend Hunter and Sorel. Both companies have caught onto the stylish snow boot trend, and there are some really awesome choices out there.

Stay warm, and do it in style!!