vintage pink coat

My sister recently sent me this vintage coat that she’d received as a gift some time ago. It was time for it to find a new home, and mine was the perfect place – I just love it! I usually focus on my outfit, but today I’m focusing on this gorgeous outerwear. The color, the texture, the buttons, the fit, the details – they really make this a statement piece unto itself. 

In a Chicago winter, you practically live in a coat for several months of the year; so when you can wear one that’s special, it’s a treat. This one deserved it’s own look, including a vintage patent leather handbag with matching shoes (not vintage but still patent!). I also chose matching lipstick and earrings with a high bun to give it an Audrey Hepburn vibe.

I know the coat sleeves are cut for longer, elbow-length gloves, but I don’t have any at the moment. And that’s okay because I think the short, furry leather gloves actually give the look the modern touch that it needs to keep it from looking too vintage. I feel the same about the messiness of the top-bun. If it had been perfect, the whole look would’ve been too much like a costume.

What’s so amazing about this coat, and most vintage coats from decades past, is the lining and special details. Most wool coats don’t come lined anymore and if they do, they are either extremely expensive or not made with materials that actually insulate. This coat has a beautiful, thick satin liner in the same bright pink as the wool – it’s so lovely and hypnotizing!

The buttons, though plastic, are hefty enough to hold this heavy boucle wool in place.I needed to re-sew them to make sure I didn’t lose one while out and about. I used an indoor/outdoor thread because it’s thicker. In the future, I might consider replacing them with shiny gold buttons, but not yet – these are still pretty killer. 

One other beautiful piece of craftsmanship is the side-panels that are clearly lined on the outside of the coat. When I hold my arms out, they form a cool T shape. These panels provide movability, which can be limited when sleeves are shorter and the fabric is bulky. I just love that this mechanism has been worked into the outer design of the coat. 

As for what’s under the coat, I chose an all-black outfit (which you’ll see in a later post) because I wanted the coat to be the centerpiece – not only when I was outside on the street, but also when I was inside at an event. That’s right – I left it on when I arrived at my destination but unbuttoned it so it could hang a little more casually. It’s just so fabulous, I didn’t want to take it off!

You can get away with keeping your coat on in Chicago. 

One thing’s for sure about vintage coats – they don’t make ’em like they used to! I encourage you to head to your favorite thrift shop and look for something special. A tailor can help to make it your own.



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