Embroidered blouse and woven belt on belle meets world blog

Hola, dear readers! I hope I haven’t lost you this month since I’ve posted less, but I have the best excuse – I’m in Mexico on a little vacation! I’ve been collecting all kinds of wonderful style goodies along the way, including this beautiful embroidered blouse and woven belt. I paired them with a skirt for a dressy-casual dinner and loose with jeans for walking around town. 

I’ve been admiring these blouses ever since I’ve arrived here and finally decided to purchase one the other day for $200 pesos (about $10 USD).

There were so many to choose from, but I picked this design because it had all the colors and also mixed flower with geometric patterns. I especially loved that there was black thread in it so that I could pair it with all my other black skirts and bottoms when I get home – I intend to wear it all the time in the dark winter of Chicago to remind me of these lovely, bright days in Mexico.

The yellow belt was picked out by the woman who owned the store – as soon as she saw me in the top, she ran for it and cinched it around my waist (WAY tighter than I could get it on here!). I would’ve chosen a purple or black belt because I usually don’t go for yellows, but this one is perfect since the seams and ties of blouse are the same color. I am just in awe of the Mexican use of color in everything – the architecture, the clothing, the decor. I am so inspired by everything I see here! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought the shoes here and have been wearing them everywhere since they are comfortable and have a little heel. Were I putting this outfit together with a full closet at my disposal, I’d choose others. At the same time, there’s something about them with this outfit that works when shown in the natural cobblestone habitat of San Miguel de Allende. They blend right in!

The bow in my hair came out of necessity. I lost all my hair elastics, and with the warm temperatures, my hair is pretty unruly. I can’t stand to do anything but wear it up.  I have a bunch of ribbons with me to go with another pair of shoes I brought, so I snagged one to make a pony tail. It’s black so it draws the skirt together with the black thread on the blouse and also mimics the ties on the belt. I like that it adds a touch of femininity to any outfit – I think I’ll keep wearing ribbons in my hair for the rest of my trip and when I get home.

The earrings are mine, but the bracelet and ring piece are also an amazing find here in San Miguel – only $500 pesos (about $25 USD). The blue stones match some of the blue threads on the blouse, so I was psyched to wear it with this look. 

As for my makeup here, I’ve been going very minimal – blush, mascara and a bit of lip balm with a tint to it. I’m not comfortable wearing so little but at the same time, it’s been a really interesting exercise in getting comfortable with my natural looks. We all have our own issues with our faces and bodies – me especially – but when you’re on vacation, you’ve gotta let it go, relax, and enjoy yourself.



Thank you so much for following me on my Mexican adventure!