hecho en mexico, hand-painted jacket on belle meets world blog

Hola, readers! I am in Mexico on vacation and am having such a lovely adventure here in San Miguel de Allende – a small, artsy mountain town in Central Mexico. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to find a lot from a shopping perspective, so when I stumbled upon this one-of-a-kind piece, I didn’t hesitate even a second before buying it.

What I love most about this jacket is the feminine and masculine juxtaposition of the design. From the front, it maintains a very militaristic look. The structured canvas plus the black accents create a slimming effect by highlighting the vertical seams and lines, while the horizontal painting on the collar breaks that up before you reach my face visually.

From the back, the painting is a work of art – stunning and breathtaking.  Plus, the cut of the jacket with the tails and the satin-lined peplum is something out of a fairy tale!

To be honest, I probably won’t wear this jacket with these shoes or these pants in ‘real life,’ but for the purposes of showing off this work of art, I paired it with the best possible combination of items I’ve brought to and bought here in San Miguel:

  • These cropped pants are a staple of my Chicago-wardrobe, and they provided a nice backdrop for the jacket to really highlight the black designs when viewing the piece from the front.
  • The shoes, I bought here in San Miguel. The streets are all cobblestone and heels are NOT an option unless they are low and thick like these. The cut-outs and the pointed toes make my footwear feel a little fancy while still being practical for walking around – stylishly, of course!
  • I still can’t decide if I’ll wear my hair up or down with it, so I took photos with both to see which I like best. Up? Down? What do you think??

These photos are taken on the roof of our apartment here – it has an amazing view of town and the mountains. And the stars at night are to die for!

Stay tuned for more adventures here in Mexico!



hecho en mexico - hand-painted jacket on belle meets world blog