Here’s to accountability! I’ve been very self-reflective lately, finding myself a full six months into 2015 and not feeling fully secure in the progress I’ve made against what I set out to accomplish this year. There are some resolutions that were on my list that I’ve really nailed and are now a part of my everyday life – like religious skincare practices. There are some that I’m still working on that just don’t seem as relevant anymore – like taking better care of my belongings (I do the best I can). And then there are those things – well, namely one thing, my health – that I’ve completely ignored to the true detriment of my well-being. That stops today. 

I don’t believe it’s becoming to be utterly self-deprecating in public, so this should not be mistaken as a call for compliments. This is me getting real and humble with myself and my audience about the fact that I haven’t seen through my commitment – not one ounce – to prioritize my health in 2015. 

When I initially stated this as a resolution (see the full list of resolutions here), I had exercise and healthy eating in mind because I hadn’t been doing them for a while. My clothes were tight, and my face was puffy. But what I’ve come to learn is that, while those things are manifestations of my physical well-being, there are other parts of my health that need my focus, too. 

I need girlfriends to share time with, a therapist to work through my challenges with, quiet meditative time to work through the noise and get closer to calm. I need more water, less wine and a good night’s sleep. I need to talk to my parents more often because – even though I love to rebel against them (still, at 32!) – they know me better than anyone else on this earth.

So here I stand before you, in these obnoxiously colored running shoes – the only representative image of health I could think of to make this post visually stimulating – recommitting to my resolution for health in 2015. 

What that will look like here on my blog is more posts on different types of exercise I’m going to try, and the trendy workout clothes I’ll use to reward myself for reaching fitness milestones. But you’ll also see me getting more real with you about who I am as a person. I have opinions about other things beyond clothing and handbags. I have feelings that go beyond excitement for moisturizer and lipstick. And I’m going to share all that here because it’s the forum I created through which I could both express myself and help other people to be their best selves. 

Here’s to the next six months…