While some may think fashion is superficial, I am of the mind that personal style is an art form. The way one puts her clothing together is a true expression of herself and what’s going on inside. If I’m honest with you, I’d admit that I dress for attention because I want the world to wonder what’s happening behind these crooked eyes and goofy smile. It’s important for me that I am seen as different, brave and playful – and I use my clothes to convey this every single day. Others may not see the same value in that form of expression – which is fine too – as long as we respect each other as the artists we each are in our own ways.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is because I recently attended a press event for a shoe company that sources their designs from artists around the world and plasters them all over a pair of sneakers. A boat-load of people can gain exposure to an artist and her expressions by simply looking down at your feet. The company is called Bucketfeet, and their hashtag is also their mission…#artisforeveryone. I believe the same to be true about style. We can each design what the world will see of us.

When it came to choosing a pair of these comfy kicks for myself, there was really no competition – the pink flamingos are perfect for summertime. They’re whimsical, playful and can be paired with all my pink clothes. In fact, they’ve quickly become one of my top summer wardrobe essentials. 

I add a little white handbag to match the sneakers,a summery straw hat with a black band and big black sunglasses to match it, and a finishing touch of bright pink lipstick to draw it all together. These elements combined make the whole look feel feminine yet uber-casual. And it’s just plain fun to wear!

(FYI – The prices range from $68-84 – well under the price of most designer sneakers. The flamingos are designed by Lindsay Cowcher, United Kingdom).

Dress: Cameo the Label, purchased at Cary Lane, San Francisco // Handbag: Jack Germain Handbags // Straw Hat: my own // Sunglasses: Silvano Apparel (c/o) // Lipstick: Maybelline // Shoes: Bucketfeet (c/o)

To peruse all the Bucketfeet designs, you can head to their website or to their newest studio in Wicker Park in Chicago at 1647 N. Damen. They have artwork for sale there and plan to host plenty of creative events in the space – which I think is such an awesome way to multi-use a storefront in this well-trafficked area.

Here are a couple photos from the opening event where we heard all about the mission of this new studio directly from the founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani themselves. I felt so lucky to be  a part of this night and am so grateful to Bucketfeet for inviting me and for rekindling my love for the art of self-expression through style.